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Shadow Fight

About Shadow Fight 2 Game

Shadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical Fighting. This game lets you equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozens of lifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques! Crush your enemies, humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the Gate of Shadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, and slash your way to victory? There’s only one way to find out.

  • Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered in astonishingly lifelike detail by an all-new animation system.
  • Devastate your enemies with delightfully intuitive controls, thanks to an all-new fighting interface designed especially for touchscreens.
  • Journey through six different worlds full of menacing demons in this action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive, intriguing storyline.
  • Customize your fighter with epic swords, nunchacku, armor suits, magical powers, and more.
  • Shadow Fight 2. May the battle begin!

About Shadow Fight 2 Main Character

In Shadow Fight 2, SHADOW is the main character or hero of the game. the real name of Shadow is unknown but In all the fights he fights as SHADOW till the end of shadow fight 2.

Origin Of SHADOW

In the starting of the Shadow Fight 2 game’s introductory part video Shadow was a Warrior and a fighter on the journey to find a strong opponent to fight he discover the Gate ofShadows.  He opened the gates and, unfortunately, freeing the Demons, which tore his flesh and took his soul, and he turned him into a shadow and becoming an Immortal. after that He then wishes to finish the Demons he had accidentally released, which he aims to accomplish throughout the course of the series.

Shadow Fight 2 Main Storyline

To get his soul back and go back to home shadow has to defeat all the demons and reclaim the demon seal to reseal the gate of shadow. Shadow went back to his home. A village where his Sensei also resides. His Sensei mocks him for being “vain”, but quickly becomes serious. His Sensei decided to test Shadow to see if he had his combat abilities or not. He trials Shadow against a punching bag, and from a glance concludes that Shadow still has some fighting potential and skills.

ACT – 1 Hero Reborn

In Starting of Shadow fight 2 Sensei suggests that Shadow should challenges the first demon, Lynx. In order to defeat the lynx, shadow has to defeat his bodyguards that are SHIN, BRICK, NEEDLE, GHOST, DANDY.

Meanwhile in the in shadow fight 2 another major character introduce in the game MAY that help Shadow in the game and collect the demon seals. She also suggests shadow about other tournaments and survivor fights to earn coins to upgrade the weapons to become a more powerful opponent.

Shadow then defeats each of Lynx’s bodyguards. and unlocks Duel upon defeating the second bodyguard. He also battles Trickster, a talented fighter who gives up his Nunchacku if Shadow manages to beat him in combat (But it is difficult to defeat Trickster without powerful weapons).

After that Shadow is fully prepared to fight with Lynx. The battle occurs at night on a rooftop. Lynx invites Shadow to join the Order, but Shadow declines and insists him to fight first. The fight against Lynx is a challenging one as Lynx uses the unusable ranged weapons so shadow also required some upgraded weapons to defeat Lynx. Then Shadow defeats Lynx, and Lynx becomes fearful of losing control of the Order. But after that he surrenders it and leaves the seal. Shadow then unlocks the use of new weapons.

ACT – 2 Secret Path

After Defeating the Lynx Shadow moves to the next ACT that is a village where there is a fighting Academy in “The Next Town”. However, when they reach the town, Sensei finds that the town in ruin and is distressed. He is shocked to find only one fighting school in the whole town. In second act Shadow has to defeat HERMIT to get the Demon seal. In order to defeat Hermit shadow has to fight and defeat his bodyguard (DRAGON, BUFFALO, MANTIS, TIGER, CRANE).

Shadow fight with Dragon ( first bodyguard of Hermit), and wins. Dragon reveals his intentions and his reason for training under Hermit. When Dragon is defeated, he gives up his plans. Shadow defeats more and more of Hermit’s disciples and fighters, all the while learning more about Hermit, his school, his teachings and the disciples themselves.

Shadow then meet the Sly, a character who offers to sell Shadow the secret to Hermit’s power. Regardless of whether or not Shadow buys the “secret”, he will find out that Hermit uses arcane battle magic that is even more powerful than that of the much greater demons.

After Defeating Buffalo, Mantis, Tiger he met Crane (Last Bodyguard of Hermit). When Shadow defeat Crane in a fight, he comes to his senses and apologises to Sensei. After defeating Crane Shadow meets Hermit. Hermit invites Shadow for a battle. During the fight, Hermit holds back initially. But when Shadow shows his moves and fighting skills, Hermit steps up his game, using advanced techniques. Hermit uses his legendary magic, firing electric bolts and water blasts. He also uses his own self-controlled thunderstorm which makes lightning zap the ground. Shadow, however, defeats Hermit. Hermit is impressed by his fighting skills and negotiates with Shadow. He asks Shadow to visit the next town and battle the band of outlaws there and eliminate their leader, who is none other than the murderer Butcher (Main demon of Act 3). He states that the Butcher is after Hermit, to discover the secret to his combat powers. Hermit offers Shadow his battle magic if he succeeds to defeat Butcher.

ACT – 3 Trail Of Blood

After defeating the Hermit Shadow continue his journey and reached next town where They meet a girl, Bird (First Bodyguard of Butcher). Sensei wonders what she is doing middle of the night. Bird greets them and welcomes them. She shows them around town, and Sensei becomes very suspicious. May, however, insists that Bird is simply being ‘friendly’. Bird then takes them to a deserted area of town. She says that it is her favourite part of town, and it will take their breath away. After saying that She suddenly turns hostile, and adds: “once and for all”. but Shadow fight and defeated Bird. After defeating each gang member Shadow become more and more powerful. he takes down the gang members one by one. Each gang member reveals a bit of information. They reveal that some members were raised by Butcher from childhood. They reveal that one of the members was saved as an orphan by Butcher. They also tell Shadow that Butcher is a murderer and that he orphaned one of his own gang as a child, to be one of his own servants.

The Butcher says that he made the gang members strong by sharing his teachings with them. He tells Shadow that the gift of violence is the key to strength, by this way he has become very strong and that is why he is taught his gang members. After hearing that  Shadow fight with Butcher. However, he feels that Shadow proves to be a tough opponent, he uses his stronger attacks, such as his shockwave-generating ground slam and advanced magic spells. However, at the end shadow is able to defeat the butcher.

Stage – 4 Pirate Throne

By defeating Butcher Shadow collects Butcher’s seal and continue their journey. Their path leads across the water, and they require a boat. At that time, May recalls that Sly said that he had a boat waiting for him when he left them previously.

They catch up to Sly and board the ship with him. Sly is not pleased to see them again, but he allows them. During the journey, Sensei asks Sly about the place where they are going. Sly says that the Pirate King disappeared a while back, and now is a daughter, Wasp (Demon Of ACT 4), has succeeded him as the controller of that harbor. He also tells them that it is rumored that Wasp wears a magical amulet which brings luck to the owner. by hearing this May says that the amulet sounds familiar to what they are looking for. Sly responds that getting to Wasp will not easy since she has gone into hiding as a result of being in some trouble. Sly then says that it is not his business, and apparently leave them.

They all  meets Kraken ( First Bodyguard of WASP ), a supporter of New Blood, new blood is a small group of several gang members of Wasp’s gang that are rebelling against her authority. gang Members of New Blood compose the majority of Wasp’s crew, in fact, Bosun (fourth bodyguard of WASP) and Whaler (fifth bodyguard of WASP) are the only gang members loyal to him. After that Kraken claims their ship by which they have come to town with Sly in the name of New Blood, because he likes their ship. but that leads to a fight between Shadow and Kraken. Kraken is defeated, he tell Shadow by questioning how far he will get!. At that time Bosun came and says that Wasp could use Shadow. He says that if Shadow takes care of the New Blood gang members, Wasp will make shadow rich.

After that Shadow continue his journey and meets another New Blood member, Cleaver (second bodyguard of WASP). He accuses May to do with his disappearance and tells Shadow that he should not trust her. after hearing that shadow fight with clever and win. He then meets Shark (third bodyguard of WASP) after beating Cleaver. Shark thought that Shadow was sent by Wasp’s loyal henchmen, and says that she will defeat Shadow. However, when she could not defeat shadow, she tells shadow that strength and skill of his level belong with New Blood and ask him to join New Blood Gang.

Shadow then meet Bosun, one of Wasp’s loyal Bodyguard. He tells shadow that Wasp was on the verge of giving them attention until she caught Shadow in the company of Sly, who was selling weapons to New Blood. Sensei asked Sly, but Sly begs that they help a friend out. When Bosun is defeated, he tells shadow that it is because of people like Sly that they are losing the war against New Blood. Shadow reaches Whaler, the final Bodyguard of Wasp. Shadow fight with him and defeated whaler.

Shadow finally meet Wasp. Wasp reveals that Shadow’s actions of taking New Blood gang down have been helping her. She tells them she is now the only powerful member left in the new blood gang, and thus no one can compete with her. Wasp fights Shadow, and it is a difficult battle for shadow. Wasp’s enchanted armor is a hindrance to Shadow at the beginning, but shadow handles it perfectly. Shortly after, Shadow faces Wasp’s unique ability. She leaps onto the wall and a pair of wings sprout from her back. then She then takes off, flying in a horizontal straight line, which is a dangerous attack. However, despite all of Wasp’s efforts, Shadow emerges Unbeatable.

Wasp realizes the severity of what she has done. She realizes that she has been blind and that her betrayal of The Pirate King was a terrible mistake. She reveals that Widow ( Demon Of ACT 5 ) had convinced her to betray The Pirate King, Wasp could make everyone bow to her and show that women should be the ones in charge and not men. after saying this Wasp surrenders her seal to Shadow.

Stage – 5 The Greatest Temptation

After hearing of widow’s thought from wasp they all continue their journeys on to Widow’s lands. The area is torn with war and violence. Suddenly, Widow herself appears before the party. after that All members of the party except Shadow and May are attracted to her. Even Sensei also attracted to her, Sly is completely infatuated and buys precious jewels to please her. May realises that the area they are in is full of corpses, describing it as a “slaughterhouse”.

Then they meet upon Irbis ( First Bodyguard of Widow), just one among the many who are in love with the widow. He challenges Shadow to prove himself Widow’s worthy suitor. A fight engages, but Irbis loses. .Then the party encounters Wolf ( Second Bodyguard of Widow). Wolf explains that he and his brothers were out for hunting, and Widow crossed their path. Wolf eliminated his two brothers in order to have a better chance to have Widow. May states that the men (Widow’s bodyguards) are only fighting because they have been charmed.

The party met with all of Widow’s Bodyguard: Capra ( Third Bodyguard of Widow), an elderly Fighter who believes that his experience is the key, Bear ( Forth Bodyguard of Widow), a self-proclaimed watchdog of Widow, and Puma ( Fifth Bodyguard of Widow ), who isn’t a bodyguard but more of Widow’s assistant, who force Shadow to be caught by Widow’s charm. They also meet Outcast, a challenger armed with a Heavy Kusarigama. Shadow can choose to claim his weapon by defeating him, or ignore his challenge.

After Defeating Puma, the last of Widow’s bodyguards, the path to Widow is clear. Then Shadow is able to resist Widow’s Magic and fight her in combat. Widow proves to be a tough opponent for shadow just like all the other demons. However, Shadow is ultimately Undefeatable, and he claims Widow’s seal.

Stage – 6 Iron Reign

They arrive in the Ivory City. Sensei discover that it has been destroyed, being burnt in a fire. Suddenly, the group is approached by Corporal ( First Bodyguard of SHOGUN ). Shadow defeats corporal.

After Shadow battles and defeats Shogun’s next four bodyguards, he is faced with more difficult battles. General ( Last Bodyguard of SHOGUN ) deploys his best mercenary unit to fight Shadow, but they all are defeated. Then General steps forward and challenges Shadow but he also gets defeated.

Shogun has also mistaken Shadow’s identity, taking him for a prince like all of his warriors. The battle takes place in a scorching landscape, in the heart of a burning city. However, despite being outnumbered, Shadow manages to defeat the samurai warlord and take his seal.

Stage – 7 Reformation of All Demons

After that, the six demons have all joined together to form a formidable force. Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow and Shogun have united to prevent Shadow from sealing them away.

Shadow battles all six demons in a row and proves once again to be greater than all of them combined. Hermit remarks that Shadow is too powerful and that he does not belong in their world because of his skills. Widow tells Shadow that this will not be their last encounter and begrudgingly congratulates him on his victory. Shogun is shocked once more and says that despite being the “most powerful warriors who ever lived”.

His path to the Gates cleared once more, the seals activate the Gates of Shadows. An extremely powerful wind is blown, and the Gates of Shadows begins drawing in dust and air. They struggle to remain standing, but May is not able to hold her ground and begins being pulled in towards the Gates. Shadow tries to catch May but her hands slip and she went away. The Gates suddenly shut.

May is captured by Titan and Gates are closed, Now Our Hero, Shadow is decided to Save May, but for that he must have to open the gates again. Sensei advice Shadow that it looks like these seals are connected to their Demons, So Shadow must defeat all six demons to break the seals and go through the gates and save May. Then Shadow goes to defeat Lynx. Sly appears and tells Shadow that gold coins are no longer used and replaced with platinum coins and he was able to exchange their gold coins with platinum coins at a favorable rate. Shadow defeats All bodyguards of lynx and lynx himself one by one.After he releases he can’t stop Shadow Lynx tells he still hears titans voice and Shadow doomed them all.

Shadow continue his journey to next town to defeat Hermit. Before the fight Hermit warns Shadow that everyone was afraid of his magic, Shadow doesn’t give attention and fights with Hermit’s bodyguards and Hermit one by one. Hermit realizes Shadow simply won’t stop.

It’s time for the butcher, Shadow defeats all of his bodyguards and butcher himself.After being defeated Butcher tells Shadow is trying for no avail, someone more powerful will eventually stop Shadow. Shadow is not impressed and continues his journey.

Shadow goes to Wasp’s Fleet to defeat Wasp, and Wasp tells that they (the demons) don’t know where Titan comes from and only Titan is different After Shadow defeats Wasp. Wasp sees Shadow is serious, and will not stop tells to Shadow that he wouldn’t want to see what lies beyond the gates, its to late to save her friend, and he must go back while he can, but shadow won’t stop.
After defeating wasp Shadow Reaches Widow’s town, She realizes Shadow won’t stop, Fights with shadow after her all bodyguards are defeated Fights with Shadow to stop him.In a final attempt to stop Shadow, she tells that Titan already controls Shadow. Everything shadow does is Titan’s wishes, but Shadow, does not gives attention, because it was his mistake that May pulled through the gates, because if Shadow did not open the gates, this never would’ve happened.

Shadow challenges Shogun to fight. Shogun wants revenge as Shadow defeated him twice before. He tells shadow that until Titan finds a way through the gates, this is his realm and he won’t allow Shadow to take his empire, so he will stop Shadow. But Shadow simply defeats Shogun’s army and Shogun himself one by one and defeated again.

Now Seals are Broken and Gates of Shadows are open again, Shadow goes through the Gates, and is approached by a Shroud. Despite this, Shadow challenges him to a fight, while Shadow loses an alien at the same time Kali comes and attacks Shroud so Shroud becomes unconscious.

While Kali and Shadow escapes, Kali takes Shadow to Hideout, but Cypher asks that why Kali take him here as they are hiding from Titan. Kali tells Shadow survived the Gates, and Shroud was come to take him, Cypher impressed if Titan sends his strongest fighter, Shadow must be important for Titan, which makes him important for them too. Kali and Cypher tell Shadow the truth about Shroud who was the tournament champion and went to challenge Titan but ended as becoming a slave of Titan.

Titan was almost completely successful. Only one ancient escaped, and it fled. Cypher built a machine several years ago to track down the ancient for its power. The machine was called Cronos, an advanced humanoid robot. Cronos found the ancient creature, but the creature, having advanced powers, changed the will of Cronos. It planted the idea of to “clean world of all vices”.

They then decide to track down Cronos, as he is the best hope of finding the ancient one. They find Cronos at the factory where Factory Survival takes place, but Cronos is guarded by a band of five Looters. Cronos speaks, instantly showing his changed will and high regard of the ancients. Shadow defeats the Looters and Cronos, and Cronos is disabled. The characters locate the ancient creature in the Stone Grove by checking Cronos’ memory chip.

Ancient, summons the ghosts of the warriors who fell to Titans Sword, Shadow defeats all the ghosts, Ancient one understands that Shadow is very powerful and skilled warrior, but asks them to do not fight Titan and Disguises him as one of Titan’s soldiers, Kali asks if Ancient really thinks Shadow will stop, then Ancient’s need to stop Shadow is much greater, because Titan should not have warrior like Shadow. Shadow defeats Ancient

Cypher asks what happened there, but the Ancient One disguised Shadow as Titan’s soldier. Cypher says that Shadow won’t be allowed near Titan but there are some tournaments going on and the winner will be Titan’s soldier: this would bring Shadow closer to Titan.

Shadow fights at the Tournament. The Incubator is the place for Titan’s warriors. After Shadow defeats a number of the fighters at the Incubator, Cypher radio messages Shadow and notifies Shadow that Shroud has become insane, after overhearing it by tuning into the radio of Justice, a warrior sent personally by Titan to neutralize Shroud and take Shadow. After winning more of the tournament, Cypher intercepts more messages and reveals that Shroud is becoming more unstable and that Justice was sent to bring Shadow to Titan. Finally, upon completion of the Tournament, Shroud breaks into the Hideout and takes on the entire force of warriors, all of whom are powerless against him. Cypher alerts Shadow of the crisis, locked in his panic room, trying to come up with a solution.

Shroud holds Cypher and the others ransom and demands that Shadow come and fight him so that he can achieve his goal of killing him. Shadow does so and fights Shroud. Shadow is shown to have immensely improved since the first encounter between him and Shroud, and Shadow wins the battle. Shroud then speaks, and says that he is not under Titan’s direct control, and that he was acting of free will. He states how he believes that Titan’s conquering and ruling saves worlds from destroying themselves. Justice interrupts, and orders that Shroud is placed in the Incubator feeding tub to “serve as nutrition for a new generation of Titan’s military“.

Afterwards, Justice recognizes Shadow as an extraordinary fighter, and commends his “style”. Suddenly, justice reveals her secret identity. May! Her eyes are white like demons and says long time no see a dear friend. She says gates are closed, and asks if Shadow wants to take titans place, Then sees kali and tells Shadows that he already have a new “girlfriend” and tells Titan was right, Shadow isn’t saving the world he wants power. Kali responds as she isn’t Shadow’s girlfriend she is Shadow’s “Liaison Officer” and Shadow came for May, May asks Kali that what she know about her? Cypher interrupts and tells Justice that She doesn’t have a chance as he activated “Hideout’s defense circuit” She realized that They tricked her, then curses.

Shadow and Kali go to Citadel with Shadow disguised as Titan’s soldier.But they are attacked by Scavengers( Titans prisoners ) whose Titan made horrible experiments on them, Kali explains Shadow that they are Scavengers, and are supposed to fear Titan’s soldier but somehow doesn’t fear Shadow, but as Kali doesn’t know, they can smell Shadow energy, which they recognize Shadow.

Shadow fights and defeats all bodyguards of Titan, before the fights the bodyguards of Titan mention that they have defeated other demons, Titan, never though Shadow can defeat emperor as he thinks Shadow and Emperor are same, but Emperor is darker, evil.Titan is very impressed and tells that Shadow is incredible and his capability is unimaginable, he wants to see Shadow’s limits and summons Justice which surprise to Kali, May reveals he killed them and their blood is in their hands, Kali gets angry and tells her “Skank” But May tells her to restrict herself, and challenges Shadow to fight, asks him if he can win as she saw his every fight, but Shadow defeats her and May awakens. Kali tells May to go, but she says she can’t leave Shadow, But Kali tells Shadow came here to save her and she must go, May goes back to the normal world, Then the final battle begins.

Titan makes his moves very Carefully due to his suit and giant sword, Titan also underestimates Shadow and holds back, just makes simple attacks, which gives Shadow upper hand. After Shadow wins first round, Titan uses his extendable arm to catch Shadow, He dodges Titans arm and attacks Titan then he tries to crush Shadow but Shadow dodges again then makes his fast attacks to Titan, heavily damaging his Suit, Titan upgrades his shield to the second level shield reloads, Then he uses his Magic to grasp and choke Shadow, which forces him to drops his weapon but Shadow get his strength and takes his weapon back, then dodges Titans heavy attacks and gives finishing blow to Titan’s already damaged suit which starts to explode ,Titan loses,Shadow runs away from the explosion, Shadow gets his body back and Goes to home with May.

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