Rescue Quest Guides: Tips and Tricks for three Star Ratings

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Rescue Quest

Chilingo’s Rescue Quest is yet another happy entry in the informal group, in which games are generally twists on Flappy Bird in the feeling that they boast super stripped down mechanics, or maybe twists on Candy Crush Saga along with other Match three titles. Although you will find a selection of twists which allow it to be unique from the assortment Candy Crush clones, in case you have played Candy Crush Saga previously, you will certainly discover Rescue Quest recognizable. Actually, it has been referred to as a hybrid in between the exploration twists in Classic match and diamond Digger 3 gameplay, so that might make Rescue Quest a worthwhile title to download. Today, we have received a few of Rescue Quest cheats, tricks and tips which must be of assistance for experienced and new players alike.

1. Choose the route of yours carefully

Many ph levels in Rescue Quest has various feasible routes that you can take on: make certain you take a look at the mini keyboard carefully and the very best route is chosen by you. Have in your mind that the shortest route is often harder since narrower places for the matches of yours are offered by it, therefore it may not be the right person!

2. Start matching in the bottom

When I began playing the game, I was performing everything wrong, attempting to produce the route from wherever the character of mine started all of the means on the Spritelings. Nevertheless, it is better to simply begin making matches at the lower part of the display (having the very best course in mind, of course) since even more matches will likely be created in top of the places, clearing the path instantly and generating you time.

3. Look for quick matches first

Each level that you begin can have a group of four or maybe five match options from start. Search for them when you begin the game since they are going to help tremendously with the progress of yours: create those matches then and first benefit from the benefits.

4. Do not forget to work with the power-ups!

You fill up the power-ups of yours as matches are created by you. The very first one, the hammer, is going to be the sole power up you’ll have for a very long time as well as it is really helpful. Simply make certain it is used by you once it fills up to make use of all the matches which you will be making.

5. Time lapse cheat

In case you continue on failing a level, then attempt to make use of the time lapse cheat in Rescue Quest: quit the game and also go in your device ‘s options, then simply set the time ahead by a few of hours. Get to the game and see in case you’ve additional hearts.

6. Connect the game for your Facebook account

In case you would like the chance and extra goodies to earn a few free gems, then hook up the game of yours with the Facebook account of yours. It is safer to play the game with business, as ensure you’ve a number of individuals playing along with you!

7. Replay levels

A number of amounts could sound impossible when you initially have them, and the the next time you try them out, they may be incredibly simple. It is everything about the luck you’ve once the board is produced as well as the original parts are dropped. Therefore in case you are having difficulty beating a stage, keep on trying since ultimately success is going to be on the side of yours and you will ace it quickly!

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