Panda Pop Game: eight Fantastic Tricks and tips to Clear All Levels

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Panda Pop Game

Panda Pop is a game whereby the aim is usually to rescue small pandas by popping bubbles so that as the game details itself you are likely to be saving them out of an “evil baboon” that has kidnapped them. The game has over 250 levels that are different, a selection of power-ups as well as combo hits as well as an addictive gameplay, which is able to provide you participating in Panda Pop for long periods of time, or maybe at the very least so long as your tablet or phone will take you. Though you would not wish to be playing this particular game for hours not getting anywhere, that is the reason we have developed these Panda Pop cheats that you can take a look at.

1. Do not Mind The Leftover Bubbles

Only so long as you have achieved the goal of yours for every level, which is saving the infant pandas, you are almost all great – no importance to chase after even more bubbles compared to what you are able to handle, as that could sidetrack you from the objective of yours. Don’t forget, there is a reason the game is known as Panda Pop.

2. Aim First Before Shooting

You are able to do this by dragging right or left on your device ‘s display prior to releasing the bubble. This could improve the accuracy of yours, rather than arbitrarily filming those bubbles in hopes that something will stick. You are able to likewise cancel the aim of yours by dragging the finger of yours to the mother panda.

3. Plan in advance By Memorizing Each Level ‘s Layout

Before each level starts, you will observe the layout of these amounts for a couple of seconds as the game is loading. You are able to also take screenshots of these amounts on the phone of yours, so you are able to map out strategies while before you begin playing the game.

4. Why you Should not Mind The Wall Texture

Simple – wall texture does not have some impact on the way a bubble bounces. Even when specific walls might look angled, the bubbles of yours will nonetheless bounce the exact same way, just so long as you are aiming effectively.

5. Use Power Ups First, Toss Bubbles Later

Since experiencing much more bubbles in the possession of yours at the conclusion of a quality suggests extra extra points, you will wish to utilize power ups first before shooting bubbles.

6. Combine Power Ups If at all possible, Although not Always

Combining power-ups could cause them to become better, but there are several times in which it may not be a great strategy. At the identical period, one lantern, as an example, is more effective in shooting bubbles, instead of pairing multiple lanterns.

7. Pay attention to Color Changing Bubbles

When you reach later levels, you will notice the presence of color changing bubbles. These styles change in a certain design, as pay closer attention in case you do not want these to become an obstacle going ahead.

8. Shoot For the Special Achievements

Achievements are parcel and part of many excellent mobile activities, even though they’re, in the conclusion of the morning, mainly elective in nature, hitting these accomplishments will reward you with a few totally free goodies. These include extra lives and power-ups; for instance, you are able to get an extra life by earning fifty stars.

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