KleptoCats two Guide, Tips, Strategies and cheats to Collect More Treasures as well as Kooky Items

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The pudgy small cats who simply cannot keep the paws of theirs off elements are available, which time around they have got portals! There is nothing stopping them immediately in the highly anticipated sequel KleptoCats two! KleptoCats 2 features brand new rooms, new minigames, new objects, and much more to help keep both you and your thieving small kitties entertained for long periods of time! The KleptoCats of ours two cheats and tips are going to show you the way to create a group filled with masterful thieves!

KleptoCats 2 is much more of the very same fun small cuteness we saw in the very first game, therefore anyone is able to enjoy it! Additionally like the very first game are small tricks, so we need to get going with the KleptoCats of ours two cheats, tricks and tips strategy guidebook!

1. You Should not Have Over 3 Cats

At the beginning of KleptoCats two you are going to have 2 cats, that implies you will get items that are new in a fair speed, but since the game includes a lot more kitties to uncover, the player is able to have higher than a dozen furballs if they desire.
Each brand new cat asks for increasingly more purple gems, sold every day via daily prizes or sold by spending real funds. in case you do not wish to invest money on getting new cats, of course, if you really want to finish the collection of yours more quickly, we suggest that you record only one additional cat, at minimum until all items are collected by you.

Thus, invest 5 gems on buying the final cat and from then on you are going to be ready to send out all 3 of them outside, to take you unique and new things. Getting a fourth one will not assist you as just 3 may be delivered on fetch tasks at even and once in case you might send out all 4 (or maybe more) getting stuff that is new, you’d most likely wind up not having plenty of coins for most of them to head outdoors. You see, delivering one after the other doesn’t cost anything, the next one costs hundred coins to post as well as the 3rd one is 180 coins. Which means that having all 3 kittens outside, looking for loot, will set you back 280 coins every time you deploy them.

2. Invest Gems In Coins, Rather than Saving Them In order to Unlock New Cats

In KleptoCats two you get purple gems via daily gifts and also by fixing secrets. Additionally you should get them with money that is real, though the goal of this guidebook is helping you solve secrets and collect products with no spending money, therefore we are going to presume that many of the readers of ours do not wish to spend real cash.

If so, you need to purchase- Positive Many Meanings – a brand new cat when five gems are collected by you, and from then on you need to invest gems on obtaining coins to be able to have the ability to send out all 3 cats on treasure hunts at the very same period. By doing this you are going to get treasures at a faster speed and the collection of yours will be accomplished faster than in case you invest gems on getting fresh cats.

Since KleptoCats two is not a game in which you are able to get duplicates, just puzzle pieces (each cat has a puzzle which can be accomplished with obtaining brand new parts) as well as coins, you’re assured getting a brand new product (in case a cat gets you a gadget and never coins or maybe a puzzle piece), therefore investing gems in coins is a practical approach.

3. Gather Poop And Play Mini Games In order to Get Coins

Indeed, you read it correctly. The home is going to be loaded with cat poop each time you go into the game so tap on it since every poop portion provides you with 2 coins. Additionally, you are able to buy extra coins by playing among the 3 mini games. You are able to catch fish, play a version of snake that you guide cat that eats steaks, and also you are able to additionally go fishing.

The quickest method to get coins is participating in snake. The cat is moving fairly quickly and you will find scores of stakes surrounding which means you are going to receive coins in a pretty fast pace. Thus, in case you want a few of coins to send out a cat on a treasure hunt, the most effective way to make those is playing snake.

4. Codes And Secrets

KleptoCats two is loaded with strategies that, when resolved, provide gems. Each room has a few of those. Some may be solved from the beginning, and some will ask particular items to be able to solve them.

We’ve a total list of secrets for every area along with solutions, and so continue reading to be able to get a few free gems.

Remember that some secrets could be solved by themselves, while others request particular items. What this means is that, when we inform you about things you require to be able to fix a key, it signifies that even in case you’ve the perfect solution, it will not work till you’ve almost all essential items required for fixing the secret.


The very first secret may be solved once you get a secure. The answer is created on the secure which reads “secrets.” Just type the term in the safe.

The next secret which provides you with one gem could be fixed following a cat brings you an ID card which reads DR on it. You will see dots on it, it’s really a secret word created in Braille alphabet and cat is read by it. Consequently, to fix the next puzzle simply enter “dr.cat” (along with the dot) in the secure mixture.

And in order to fix the third secret, you’ve to obtain 2 items. The very first you are a light switch which is going to allow you to turn on the lighting in the shed. When you turn down lighting in the shed you are going to notice a group of symbols showing up on the lamp on the ceiling. The purchase is: left, up, down, down, up, left. Then, if you’ve a jar of white gemstones in it, simply tap on it and yes it is going to open a menu. Each white gemstone corresponds to one direction (up, left, down, and right). Simply determine which stone equals which direction and after that simply enter tap the stone in the appropriate order we found you above. This can provide you with a unique purple ribbon for the shed, but unfortunately it will not provide any purple gem.


The deck has 4 secrets that provide gems for fixing them and a purple ribbon unique secret.

The very first secret which may be fixed directly from the beginning (no product requirements) ask you to enter “Popocatepetl” as the secure mixture (just click the safe icon within the home menu). Coordinates on Popocatepetl (a volcano located in Mexico) appear if you have a screenshot while you’re for Patio, though they’re fairly difficult to spot. Rather than attempting to spot them, simply go into the code and receive one complimentary gem.

Then secret asks for a certain item. Among the cats of yours must provide you a Tamagotchi. On the display of its, you are going to see a familiar emote: (=OwO=). Simply go into the emote in the protected (use letter O rather than zero) and that is it.
The 3rd secret can be solved after you get a doormat. The doormat reads “nohope” within the middle section of its. Simply get into it in the protected (with no room, just nohope).

An additional key could be fixed whenever you get a missing dog poster. Simply enter “good boi” of the safe.
And also the last one which provides you with a blue ribbon entails a photograph of flowers which is usually located on the structure on the far left side on the Patio plus a unique item which is like 2 purple cat heads which are positioned on the bush alongside the wall where blossoms could be found.

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