Juice Cubes Game: Guides, Tips and Tricks Online

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Juice Cubes

Juice Cubes is a brand new match 3 game for Android platforms and the iOS. The gameplay is going to be familiar to anybody who has played Jelly Splash, in you drag the thumb of yours across 3 or higher of the very same condition at the same time. You will find plenty of levels to enjoy, and Wally game begins simple, it receives quite difficult quite rapidly. Continue reading for some tricks and tips for Juice Cubes!

1. Matching 8 Or even more Fruits In a Row

We additionally must add that while Juice Cubes is an additional one in a number of Match three titles, your simplest goal must be matching 4 or maybe even more parts a turn. We recommend searching for ways that you are able to match a minimum of 8 fruit in a row. This will enable you to produce a super fruit of sorts which will clean all fruits of the style you match the portion with.

2. More On Creating Special Fruits

When producing this specific slice on the board, never forget the last portion you create for the match will be the unique fruit. Be sure it is strategically placed on the mini keyboard – this may mean having it alongside some other specific mixture, or having it alongside an obstacle that’s proven problematic for you earlier in the amount.

3. About Combinations Of 4 To 7 Fruits

The result of such combo hits is determined by the way you position the last piece in the mixture. In case this last portion is put together vertically, this will clean one column. In case it is put together horizontally, one row will be cleared by it. But in case you create this last portion diagonally, it is going to clear all 9 fruits which surround it, which makes it a much wiser move so that you can stop a combo hit of 4 to 7 fruits diagonally.

4. You Do not Get Matches For Fruits That Drop Down

This’s exactly where Juice Cubes varies from alternative Match three titles – there’ll usually be one or even more differentiating factors which create a Match three game completely different from Other titles, Farm Heroes, and Candy Crush, and also in here, it is the point that fruits which drop down will not provide you with a match. Concentrate on everything you currently have on the mini keyboard, plus do not set the pieces of yours in such a manner that you are wanting a brand new fit to develop when new fruits fall in.

5. Economize The Moves of yours And Replay Levels

This’s in case you wish to get as many points as you can a level. Do not concentrate on ending the level with just the necessary number of moves – constantly strive for a cheaper price. And do not hesitate to replay amounts in hopes of getting a great board and generating a three star rating.

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