Hop Hop Ninja – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

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Hop Hop Ninja

Hop Hop Ninja! is a brand new endless jumping game for the iOS as well as Android. it is quite short, It is easy, and also it is insanely frustrating, plus you are equally as apt to die from hitting nothing as you’re from hitting one thing. And so essentially, it’s the vertical model of the first Flappy Bird (not the current, softer version). it is insanely hard, but It is really easy to succeed still. Continue reading for some tricks and tips for Hop Hop Ninja!

1. Understand Where you Tap

This is not Flappy Bird where the character of yours is able to move just one way, and in just one direction. Tapping on the left side moves the ninja of yours somewhat on the left, while a tap on the proper side movements you somewhat to the proper. This will give you much more flexibility, thus more opportunities to find plenty of space to stay away from obstacles.

2. Sushi Means Bonus Points

Indeed, we know, there is some stereotyping on this person, but for what it is truly worth, gathering sushi is going to get you extra points. Transferring the ninja of yours sideways is ordinarily the most effective method that you can obtain- Positive Many Meanings – far more sushi – take note that Other back-to-basics and flappy Bird titles do not include some chances to earn extra points, so that is one benefit you will appreciate on Hop Hop Ninja!

3. Do not Attempt to Jump Above You are able to Go

It can be very tempting to jump fast when you are on a roll, though remember that the character of yours has to cope with those evil reddish ninjas. And we have not actually mentioned the hurdles that the ninja encounters in the process. Bumping into an obstacle or maybe a red ninja finishes it all, that be careful, and also play it safe rather than benefiting from the reality that you are “in the zone.”

4. Play The Game Offline

A number of games can be quite obnoxious whenever they detect you are offline, as they’d, by default, attempt to hook up to Google Play. In case you opt to play online, odds are you will be besieged with ads. However in Hop Hop Ninja!, playing offline will not provide you with any trouble. You will not get interrupted by advertisements, which could enable you to play with no distraction.

5. Practice May be the Key

It is correct, it may sound like a broken record, but training is actually the simplest way to obtain a top rating, and beat your current one. Staying far from the game for days might cramp the style of yours, thus in case you are a considerable Hop Hop Ninja! player, you’ve to enjoy a minimum of a couple of mins each day. But do not obsess with the game in case you are racking up a number of poor video games in a row – the same as a timeout enables sports teams to regroup as well as reset, sleeping somewhat after a bad stretch can possibly help the form of yours is gotten by you returned.

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