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Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

In many battle-type games, the player with the best cards and items usually wins.  Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is no different.  In order to build up your cards and weapons, you’re going to need plenty of gold, dust and packs.  You can spend hours saving up gold and dust to use or you spend your real money on packs of new cards.  Neither of those options are very fun.

That’s why we added the Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft hack tool to our website.  The Hearthstone hack works for both Android and iOS devices so no matter what platform you’re using to play, it will work.  All you have to do to get started is download the hack tool.  You can download the Hearthstone hack right here at AGC.  After you have downloaded and installed the hack on your Android or iOS device, you’ll see a screen like the one pictured below.

The Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Hack is very simple to use.  Start by selecting the type of device you are using to play Hearthstone – either Android or iOS.  Then tap the “Check device” button.  This will link the Hearthstone hack to your mobile device.  Now just type in the amount of gold, dust, and packs you want to add to your account.  You can also check the bottom box to unlock unlimited booster.

After you’ve entered all the necessary information, tap the “Start Hack” button to begin the Hearthstone hack.  The hack usually only takes about 20-30 seconds to complete.  You can check the progress of the hack by looking at the status bar at the bottom of your screen.  Once the hack is complete, the tool will notify you.  Now just open your Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft app and you’ll see that the gold, dust and packs have been added to your account.  Enjoy playing Hearthstone with unlimited resources and go into battle confident that you will win!

Hearthstone Battles – iOS & Android

Each battle within Hearthstone is between two single opponents. The gameplay is turn based where the [players will take turns to draw cards and use what they have in hand in order to defeat their opponents. You’re able to equip weapons, send out new fighter into the battlefield and even cast spells on your opponents defenders. These matches can be against a computer opponent or another player. The computer games are typically easier and recommended for newer players who are not yet confident enough to face off against a tenacious longtime Warcraft fan.

You are represented by your hero of choice, who will typically be a popular character from the Warcraft universe. The Hero you pick will represent the class you have chosen, a choice which also determines what type of cards you will receive whilst in battle, itwill also determine what special hero power will be available to your hero. When the match first starts, your hero will have thirty health, the aim of the game is to get your opponent’s health bar down to zero which will result in their destruction, whoever hits zero first loses and the player with any remaining health will be deemed the winner.

The classes that are available are Shaman, Thrall represents this class, Warrior, the infamous Garrosh Hellscream represents this class, Druid, Malfurion Stormrage represents this class, Hunter, Rexxar represents this class, Rogue, Valeera Sanguinar represents this class, Paladin, Uther the Lightbringer represents this class, Warlock, Gul’dan represents this class, Priest, Prince Anduin Wrynn represents this class and finally Mage, which is represented by Jaina Proudmoore.

At the beginning of each turn, you will pull a new card from the deck which contains a collection of preselected cards. You are able to choose to play the game with one of your available card packs or even build your own pack from the cards you currently own, if you aren’t confident enough to create your own battle deck, you can always just go with the basic card packs which allow for any new players to get to know the game a little better before they experiment with new card decks. Whilst the majority of most cards are available to you no matter which class you decide to play with, there are also some class specific battle cards that are limited to your specific class. This allows your chosen hero to display special abilities and attacks that your opponent may not have, which could give you great edge in battle.

During your turn, you can choose to play a certain number of cards and make attacks using either your own special power or by any available minions on your side of the field, which can be commanded to either hit the opponent directly or attack any minions that are [protecting them. All actions taken on your turn use up mana from your mana gauge on the lower right of your screen, as each turn passes, your mana will regenerate fully with an additional extra mana point, you are able to hold up to ten mana points. A higher number of mana points will allow you to send out more powerful minions onto the field, giving you a stronger defense and a better chance at doing more damage to your opponent. You start off the game with zero mana points and you gain a new point after every one of your turns. Both the hero and minion cards require a sufficient number of mana to be used and summoned to the field which ultimately limits what you are able to do with each of your turns, so you have to learn to be very strategic with your moves.

When a player has hit zero or one of the players chooses to quit the game, the battlewill be over. Completeing certain battles will give your hero experience and also allows you access to new cards which can have any level ranging up to level ten.

The matches take place on randomly selected battlefields which represents a certain place within the Warcraft universe, For example Orgrimmar, Stromwind, Stranglethorn, Pandaria and Naxxramas, there is also a special Goblins versus Gnomes themed area. Each different battlefield has its own design and special interactive features within it, but the location of your battle doesn’t affect anything with the actual battle, it just looks cool.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is currently running version 2.0.7283 and requires your device to be running at least iOS version 5.0 or later. The game is currently only available to play in the English language, All instructions are all in English, so Warcraft fans who want to play the game but don’t speak any English might be out of luck with this game. Hearthstone is available to download for free from the app store, with the option to purchase further premium in app content. The game currently holds a four and a half star rating on the app store and has mostly positive reactions from the majority of players.

You are able to purchase a variety of different card packages through the in app store, these can cost anywhere between $1.99 and $49.99. Both classic cards and Goblin cards are available to buy in various packages which can contain two, seven, fifteen or forty cards in them. You can also purchase a Naxxramas bundle of cards and even purchase arena entry for $1.99 in the case that you don’t have enough gold to enter.

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