Flip: Surfing Colors Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

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Flip Surfing Colors

Browse the planet in a stylistic, decorative version of the own real world of ours in Flip: Surfing Colors! Visit places as Salzburg, Cairo, and Kyoto, and also board the way of yours by way of a decorative tube, performing ill tricks in the process.

Collect coins, break through colored blocks, and soar through the environment at this particular habit forming as well as calming limitless runner. Our Flip: Surfing Colors cheats as well as suggestions are going to show you the way to have very big scores!

Flip: Surfing Colors is an enjoyable as well as fast paced game, though it is likewise extremely psychedelic as well as calming because of the unique art style of its. Helps make it is all of the more to browse through and area huge tricks, so we need to get going with our Flip: Surfing Colors cheats, tricks and tips strategy guidebook!

1. Tap Small Miss Small – Controlling The Player of yours

The very last thing you wish to do in Flip: Surfing Colors is taping a long time, tap too rapidly and tap too frequently. The game is hundred % about how healthy you are able to control the player of yours. The further you advance through the game, the more frequent the obstacles as well as the smaller the chances are for achievement.

The most popular blunder in Flip: Surfing Colors is over turning. Do not hesitate to just drift through a couple of sections, and just switch when essential. Salzburg is a good starting place, no matter if you unlock additional quantities make certain you spend additional time here, and truly get those turns down particularly after you have bought a new character as you appear to perfect them.

2. Maximizing Rewards

The crucial that will get through levels and unlocking characters that are new sooner instead of later on is maximizing the rewards of yours in every chance. You will find two primary currencies in the game, gems and coins. We will go from the greatest ways of gathering each and the very best ways to invest them.

  • Coins

Gliders, magnets, gift boxes, completing multipliers and art pieces, these will improve your coin collection significantly. Hit gliders in every chance possible, not merely do they really enable you to dodge obstacles, flying over them, though they likewise produce an enormous coin niche that you can gather and also contribute to the bank account.

Magnets, as you’d expect, will get coins for you enabling you to concentrate on staying away from obstacles. Although magnets are a great aid do not attempt to shoot throughout the map to obtain- Positive Many Meanings – one, in case it is not hard to obtain, grab it.

You will notice boxes dotted all over the map, these may contain a couple of items which range from coins to gems as well as new boards or art pieces. Gift boxes are generally in the primary pathway through obstacles so that you should not ever end up struggling to reach them though they’re certainly well worth going after.

Surfing by way of a a community and find out a glowing object hovering in the centre of the book? Effectively, go because of it! Rewards that are great in generous amounts are provided by art pieces. Collecting art pieces are able to take time but certainly worthwhile in the end.

Mid-air flipping. Whilst in the environment you are able to tap sometimes left or right, based upon which path you want the character of yours to land, and you will pull off a great flip. These flips truly act as a small magnet and can drag coins which are inside a close proximity straight to you. Be sure to make use of the flips when flying through big circles of coins!

Finally, the most crucial coin booster is multipliers. When you destroy corresponding blocks you will begin to build a multiplier beginning at x3 after ruining six blocks and increasing to a x10 following a successful thirty two block streak. Constantly Aim for blocks over coins as you will much more than compensate for it when an adequate multiplier is in position.

  • Gems

Taking longer to obtain, gems will be the higher level in game currency. These’re used to buy the top tier items such as for instance the last character or levels upgrades. The most effective way to obtain gems is via either gaining as a lot of gift boxes as you can or even finishing works of art.

Save gems from the get go. The first gem purchase of yours must be Dali, the last character upgrade costing fifty gems. You are able to buy the subsequent few levels with coins so ensure you purchase Dali initially and as early as you can to be able to generate- Positive Many Meanings – level completion that a lot easier.

3. Mastering Each Level

Truth be told, achieving hundred % for each level is not the main goal of yours, at least not in the beginning. The main aim of yours must be acquiring both the very best character achievable and reaching the last level. After you have handled this you will have the ability to go back to earlier levels & certainly breeze through like they were absolutely nothing.

The amounts in Flip: Surfing Colors in addition stay exactly the same which means you are able to only keep practicing, find out all of the obstacles as well as understand each level individually. Additionally you need to ensure continue playing a quality up until you’ve all the art pieces however, in case you are looking for coins, the further you advance the greater the coin rewards.

4. Things To consider In-Game

Don’t forget, missions are a fantastic method of improving coin collection and also need a selection of goals being hit, do so as frequently as you can. The environment strategy sections of the levels do not take the multiplier of yours into account so in case you do miss a few of taps then do not worry because you only miss out on sixty coins. That being said the trouble of these sections is still constant and does offer some simple coins.

At the conclusion of every level you’ve the chance to double the coin total of yours in return for watching a thirty second ad, we would just recommend this in case you’re in dire need of even more coins or else you must be in a position to allow it to be by fine.

5. Boosting And when In order to Use It

The boost ability is usually a genuine lifesaver and superb combo builder. Be sure to make use of the increase at every opportunity you get, the invulnerability is going to allow you to smash through any coloured block and then add to which actually vital rating multiplier. The boost is additionally excellent if there’s a department of the map you end up faced with. Replay the level and ensure you save an increase because of this section and you will have the ability to fly via whilst teaching those blocks who is boss.

Do not hit the booster prior to an air trick area, it will simply squander a big chunk of the ability of yours. Once the increase starts to diminish you will observe that the improvement button starts to go back to the previous character colour of yours, monitor this since it can spell disaster in case you are not having to pay attention, reach a block & drop that hard earned multiplier.

6. How In order to Use Jump Pads And Speed Boosts

Each pad provides a remarkably handy feature. If you strike either a pace increase or even leap pad, regardless of the incoming trajectory of yours, you will be directed simple at a set speed. This’s a genuine neat technique when you lose need and control to then add stability to the player of yours.

7. Play The Edges

For all those frustratingly tough obstacles, think outside of the box. Would you truly have to navigate through them? You are able to really dodge a great deal of hurdles by steering yourself away from the edge of the amount and then flipping back to play. Whilst this is not a good way to earn coins or construct a multiplier it is able to prove helpful to acquiring hundred % completion or simply getting you to a far more profitable point of the amount.

8. Death Is not The End

When dying for the very first time you are provided an additional life in exchange for seeing a thirty second ad. This may be very handy in case you understand you died right before a huge coin section of the amount, however there’s no reason for making use of this in case you died just three % in. This’s a use when needed feature.

With our’ Surfthrough’ guide above you must end up carving through amounts just like they are nothing quickly! Keep in mind, do not panic, breathe and just tap when you truly need to. Flip: Surfing Colors is a game of management and we are certain you have learned plenty of never to lose yours. Happy surfing and good luck!

9. Save the gems of yours for characters that are new!

If you get the hands of yours on gems, make sure to save them for any brand new characters. Unlike the various boards you are able to get, the brand new characters even have various stats.

The most effective character you receive is Dali, the small boarding prodigy. He’s the very best stats not playable characters (4/5 wellness and cornering) as well as his fever mode fees quick and lasts long. He costs fifty gems, so begin saving today!

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