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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Game

Playing The Quest for Stuff can be a lot of fun but sooner or later you will probably find that you need more coins and clams to keep building up Quahog.  Here you have two options: spend hours trying to farm more coins and clams or purchase them using real money.  Neither of these options sound very fun.

Well now you have a third option for getting all of the coins and clams you could possibly need.  By using the Family Guy: Quest for Stuff hack tool, you can get thousands of coins and clams in seconds.  Seriously.  To being using the hack tool, simply download the hack to your phone or tablet.  It works for both Android and iOS devices.

Once you’ve downloaded the hack, you’ll see a menu screen like the one pictured below.  Just follow these instructions to use the hack for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff.

The first thing you need to do is select which type of device you are using: iOS or Android.  Then tap “Connect” to link the hack tool to your phone or tablet.  It helps to make sure that you don’t have too many other apps running while the hack works.

Once your device is connected with the hack, type in the amount of Coins and Clams you want to add to your account.  You can also choose to unlock all of the characters and outfits by checking the boxes on the right side of the screen.  Once you have filled out all of the info, tap the “Start” button to initiate the hack.

You can view the progress of the hack by looking at the status bar at the bottom of the screen.  It usually only takes about 30 seconds to work.  Like I mentioned earlier, it works faster if you dont have many other apps running at the same time.  When the hack is complete, just open the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff app and you ‘ll see the coins and clams have been added to your account.  Now you can build the biggest and craziest version of Quahog that you can imagine!

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Cheats & Tips

Quite recently, TonyCo has instigated a no cheating policy whereby if you are found to be in violation of this policy, you will receive one warning and have any illegally obtained clams to 250, if they catch you cheating again, you will receive a permanent ban. I will instead be suggesting small, perfectly safe tips to help you maximize your playing experience. Firstly, you should link your account to your Facebook and/or Google+ accounts as doing this will allow you to find any friends that also play the game and visit their versions of Quahog, by doing this you will be able to get a little extra money, you may even occasionally come across a few clams on your visit, since you can so tasks for each of your friends once a day, try to make a habit of dropping by your friends towns once a day.


If you do decide to buy anything with real money, buy clams rather than coins, since you can get a steady flow of coins coming your way fairly quickly, you should have no need to buy any, unlike clams, which are tougher to come by as they are only usually a reward for the bigger quests or when you level up, since they are so hard to come by, don’t waste them on rushing tasks, I know how tempting it can be, but you can always just switch to another app for a while, whilst you wait for your tasks to complete, save your clams instead, so that you can buy some of the more exclusive buildings.

If you know some of yours quest include tasks that will take several hours, wait to start those before you are going to go ahead and close the app for the night or something, if you all these tasks to complete overnight, you’ll wake up with a bunch of completed tasks. When you are planning on closing the app for the day, always make sure that all of you characters are doing a long task, and yes I mean all of your characters, you’ll end up getting a ton of experience, money and items which could be beneficial to later tasks. If you find that you’re short a few coins for something, do a bunch of the characters shorter tasks that are usually only a couple of minutes, the best tasks are the ones that require a partner as you get experience and coins for both characters who complete the task.

If you need to build a specific building for a quest and you find that you’re running low on space, you can always store any buildings or items that you don’t really need at that particular point. If you need to check the level of one of your characters to see how much more experience you need to get until the next level, Facespace is a good place to check as it displays all of your characters current levels and far they are off the next level, you can also see some pretty funny status updates.

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