Dungeon Boss Game – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How you can Win, and Strategy Guide

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Dungeon Boss Game

Dungeon Boss is actually a brand new mobile RPG for Android platforms and the iOS which has rapidly rocketed to the roof of the App Store rankings. This particular development of Big Fish Games and Boss Fight Entertainment takes you into an array of dungeons as well as provides you with a huge selection of heroes to gather, and a lot of methods to update, that are required once the fights are as hard as they are able to be right here. Continue reading for some suggestions as well as tricks for Dungeon Boss!

However, there are several kinds of summons in this particular game, which could be bought with either coins, scrolls or gems. The gems as well as scroll summons are probably the most profitable as they are able to usually generate you rare as well as really rare three, four and 5 star heroes. These summons are actually on a timer, and they are going to go totally free every so frequently (except for the scrolls summons) so keep checking back for items that are free, character tokens, and characters.

The primary way of upgrading the character of yours, besides leveling them up in battle, is actually utilizing the exp potions to level them up fairly quickly. Save a minimum of a couple of potions so that when you receive a brand new uncommon character who’s for level one, you are able to get them caught up fairly quickly. When you do not have some, then simply take the brand new character back again to a few older, easier amounts to provide them simple fights for expertise profits.

The other upgrade main improvement technique is upgrading the abilities of yours. The abilities of yours could be enhanced by spending coins, as well as the max amount of each of them is actually equivalent to the max level of the player of yours. Have a little stash of coins about not just for level ups, but to ensure that whenever you ascend a fighter, you will have the ability to update some new abilities they learn instantly.

In order to ascend a fighter, you are going to need to look for particular kinds of Evo, that are minimal blob monsters with extremely weak attacks which are often murdered in a single hit. Shoot them first, and then if you collect an adequate amounts of them, check with the ascent requirements of yours for every character in the active party of yours, so you are able to keep monitor of which ones are qualified to make use of them for ascension.

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The primary obstacle to leveling up is actually the player level, since you cannot go past the player amount with any of the fighters of yours. In case you’re trapped on a level, go back again to earlier levels and battle them until your player amount upgrades twice or once. The fighter levels of yours are going to upgrade way too, and in case they do not, you are able to just catch them up making use of the different expertise potions.

The auto battle feature is going to allow you to complete these fights easily. If perhaps you reach the switch in fight (the small sword icon in the lower right corner of the screen) the characters of yours will right away make use of the default encounter, as well as the pace of the fight will improve a little. Nevertheless, in later rounds, you will wish to take auto battle off for the boss character as the skills of yours will turn it into a lot quicker as well as much easier to defeat the boss.

Be aware of the character types with regards to disadvantages and advantages (mostly for ability attacks). Red-colored beats green, green beats blue, as well as blue beats white. Light and dark (yellow and purple) are strong against one another. An optimistic staff makes it simple to defeat tougher battles, so in case you get caught on a round with difficult enemies that are homogenous in type, manage the team of yours for a kind advantage against them.

Even in case you just have a group of 3 that is impressive, usually have a quarter fighter set to ensure that you will not have some poor points during the dungeon raids, and also for when the own dungeon of yours gets raided. In case you’ve a backup two or maybe 3 star character sitting off in the background, with a degree of one since you have not worn them however, level them up then and quickly get them into the battle.

If you come up against an enemy team that has a healer, they will wreck each attempt of yours particularly in case they’ve a team healing spell. Target them initially, and then the rest is a lot easier. And then, take out the characters with the abilities that create splash damage, since they are able to weaken a group Quickly.

Watch replays of the times that you will get attacked, particularly the times that you will get beaten. They are going to help you to find exactly where the team of yours includes a vulnerable area, so you are able to correct that weakness in the future. At times it is able to come right down to a sort disadvantage; other times the staff that beat you’ll just enjoy a better rarity, much more ascended characters or maybe greater levels.

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