Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Guides, Tips and Tricks – Learn How to Play Well

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Dragon Ball Z

As somebody that is grown up with Dragon Ball in all the forms of its, I was among the first players to pick up Dokkan Battles. And following a few of weeks, I set it down since these were even now finding the form of theirs. There were not enough quality toons, there was no Dragon Ball Super, as well as the quantity of game modes were measly. Did I mention that it hogged energy and crashed a great deal as well?

Effectively, after getting sucked back in to Dragon Ball Super and having a brand new telephone, I was all set to dive back in to Dokkan Battles, and I’m favorably loving it! It has become the game of mine of choice since it rewards me for understanding all the various toons as well as story lines – it’s a Dragonball lover’s dream.

But just how was I going to get up to players that had a one or maybe 2 year jump start? Effectively, that is the place that the hints are available in.

1. Prioritize Training Characters With twenty Max Level

Each and every character has a stat known as Max (maximum) Level, that is self explanatory – that is the best level they are able to achieve. And when they have arrived at Max Level, you are able to subsequently “Awaken” them with medals, offering them a substantial increase of stats and raising their max level cap also. You will find medals in the purple capsules, that are very plentiful in the game board.

When prioritizing education, you really want to concentrate on those which have a lower Max Level, say, a Max Level of twenty. You might have someone with a Max Level of sixty, one the place that figure is actually at forty, along with a few with a Max Level of twenty. It’s those second characters you need to focus on, as you are able to make use of medals to Awaken the skills of theirs when they are completely leveled up. You will have the ability to Awaken them prior to everybody else, as it would not take a long time for these people to achieve their Max Level; simply make sure a minimum of one character serves as a “training partner,” or else you will not have the ability to level a character up in training.

2. Keep On Going for The Ki Spheres

Collecting Ki spheres enables you to fill up this hit power meter, and once it is entirely filled up, you are able to unleash a hundred % encounter for a number of devastating damage. Keep in mind that several characters will achieve hundred % episode quicker compared to others – maybe this will be just aproximatelly 3 or maybe 4 Ki spheres. Go to Team > Character List as well as tap on a profile picture to find out if a character is actually prepared to release a hundred % episode.

3. Be Smart When selecting Battle Companions

You are able to solicit a companion prior to heading out to fight, and select from a random list of friends. Doing this will earn you good friend points (FPs) and also enable you to do a lot more harm against enemies. Though additionally you need to select wisely – take a look at a friend ‘s level, and try to select someone who could provide you with a great deal of FPs. Level will be the tiebreaker if you have received a few characters with the exact same number of FPs.

4. Which Tiles Should you Land On, And Which Must you Stay away from?

When landing on tiles, the Baba floor tile must be near the top part of the priority list of yours, as Baba is able to provide you with a random merchandise or maybe offer arbitrary assistance, so long as you are ready to spend Zeni. Red-colored tiles with crosshairs must be stayed away from just like the plague, as they reduce the hit points of yours. Tiles with question marks may be a boom bust problem – it really is all randomized here, therefore you might get a reward or maybe you might additionally drop some HP. Blue flooring with flaming “Z” characters raise the Ki of a character at random. Finally, tiles with a “Stop” indication are actually inescapable, and you will have to battle an enemy in here.

5. Ensure You have Got Linkable Characters In The Team of yours

When incorporating characters, add the ones that activate link abilities in case they are side-by-side to one another. Do this by going to Team > Character List, tapping on a character and growing the profile of theirs, tapping Details under Link Skill to find out which linkable characters are able to trigger a skill, and repeating for every character. Be sure you are just adding characters that link to one another.

6. Why Care A great deal About Support Items?

The azure capsules come with help products, which may be extremely significant at the conclusion of the day. They are able to provide your HP was lost by team, change the color of Ki spheres, as well as minimize the enemy ‘s DEF rating. Check an item ‘s advantages and in case you feel it is going to assist you in battle, be sure tap on it. Moreover , be certain you don’t put in exactly the same product to the subsequent slot, as all the items of yours have to be distinct from each other.

7. Miscellaneous Tips for Battle

Want more suggestions to assist you in battle? We have got them right here, and we will begin by talking again about Ki spheres. The greater number of of the you gather, the quicker the strike meter fills up, and also you are able to collect spheres fast by picking an extended route. In case you cannot find a great deal of route, tap on any sphere whose color is actually the just like your character’s, which means you are able to get two times as a lot of Ki as regular. Furthermore , look for weaker enemies in relation to the character type of yours in case you are confronted with numerous bad guys. Finally, do not ignore rainbow spheres, which will connect with any other color; you will need to tap on a rainbow sphere where 2 or maybe more spheres of the identical color are actually attached.

8. Spend Friend Points And Dragon Stones On Summoning Characters

Friend details could be utilized to summon typical characters, while Dragon Stones could be used to summon rarer ones. You will need 5 Dragon Stones or maybe far more to summon some character – these stones are actually acquired as day incentives or perhaps first clear extra rewards, which means you are able to generate them by finishing a quest and beating a supervisor on the very first try.

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