Dawn of Titans Tips & Strategy Guide: twelve Hints to build a strong Kingdom

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Dawn of Titans

Zynga’s Dawn of Titans (developed by Natural Motion) has finally hit the App Store around the world and I’m certain that every person is fully enjoying the game today. It appears to be incredible, it’s amazing and the only complaint of mine is we’d to hold out so very long to get an opportunity to enjoy it. Though it is right here and I’m certain you wish to begin on the proper foot! I’m here to assist with some Dawn of Titans cheats & suggestions, a comprehensive strategy guide to building the Kingdom of yours and having all Titans. This’s a generic post targeted generally at newbie players, though we have some more hi-tech approaches provided, so still in case you’ve a little bit of experience playing the game, you need to still read it!

Today with no further ado, let us check out several Dawn of Titans tricks and tips in the complete strategy guide of ours for newbies!

1. Nobody Should Go Hungry

The 2 main materials in that game are gold and food. Though food is actually the more crucial one of those 2 important online resources, because with no food, you should not actually be thinking of leading a fighting army through into fight. That is primarily because troop training courses calls for food for the troops of yours, and your troops will start out squishy and weak at the get go. Odds are you are likely to shed those troops if you head out to fight, driving one to retrain as well as begin practically from scratch. Therefore in case you do not wish to shed way too many troops, ensure you’ve enough food at all of occasions. Prioritize those food making tiles when you are raiding lands or even capturing new ones. Focus on the farms to begin with, and keep those farms upgraded; make the most of the choice to bypass waiting times which means you are able to buy that food to the troops of yours quicker.

2. Take Full Advantage of The Protective Shield

Another typical characteristic of RTS games is actually the Shield, as it is usually called. This’s a function which provides you with immunity from opposing player attacks while you are currently extremely new to the game. But that is not the sole time you are able to insure yourself from opposing players. You are able to likewise obtain shields after losing battles. But should you go the merry way of yours as well as hit others in case you have got the shield of yours busy?

It may sound appealing, though you might be putting a target on the head of yours by attacking a lot of players as the shield is up. And since no person really wants to be raided a lot more often compared to others, a much better idea will be using shield time to procure resources, train troops, upgrade structures, and do other upkeep duties around the city of yours.

3. Do not Waste Time, Join An Alliance

You would like to get 1,000 Victory Points of the game quickly, and that is which means you are able to sign up with an alliance at the very first possible ability. We most likely do not have to hammer home this point, but in RTS games/base management video games with social characteristics (which is basically all of them), you need to be signing up for an alliance, and ensuring it is an active one. in case the alliance you sign up turns out to be sedentary all things considered, or even when you see a great deal of members dropping out, you are able to transform alliances at a later time. Go to the chat functionality so you will find out which players are recruiting members that are new to join the alliance of theirs.

What advantages are you able to get by joining an alliance? To name a couple of, these include the choice to request reinforcements to assist you in fight. That is already a huge increase in itself, although you need to ensure to return the favor in case the fellow members of yours require assistance.

4. Keep Hoarding More Gems, And Do not Spend Them Early On

Gems are actually the game’s premium currency, and knowing that, you should not be investing them willy nilly. Actually, we also suggest you hold on to them for so long as they can, and keep adding to your gem totals anytime you can. Like the majority of premium currencies, gems are actually difficult to obtain, and the very best things you are able to purchase with them are actually pricey.

Then when should you just stop hoarding gems? The mileage of yours could vary, though we suggest waiting till you have got aproximatelly 1,000 to 1,500. That is the quantity of gems you have to develop the next builder, and also you are going to want to have that framework up quickly. In case you are in a position to focus on or maybe upgrade 2 structures at exactly the same time, you are preserving a large amount of time of the progression. And in case you are thinking you are able to buy a 2nd builder by paying coins, you will be wrong; the sole method to possess one is actually by paying gems.

5. Be Prudent When working with The Relics of yours

Relics may be utilized as gear for Titans and on buildings. For the former kind of relics, they are able to be extremely crucial to any Titan, especially the most effective one you’ve. When equipping this high Titan, might it be your most leveled up hero or even the one you make use of most often, you really want to provide them the greatest piece of gear available. Moreover , assign a Titan for the particular goal of protecting the city of yours when you are not playing. And be at liberty to turn gear around when necessary. For example, armor boosting Relics could be much more helpful to more rapidly Titans. Damage-boosting Relics, on the additional hand, are likely best utilized by tank types that soak up a great deal of damage but do not cause an adequate amounts of it.

6. Attack Other Players

Keep in mind that this’s an RTS game similar to Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings, and the ilk of theirs. You cannot count on to have good results in this particular game in case you simply sit there creating the base of yours and doing maintenance tasks. You ought to additionally attack various other players? they might not be the enemy within the real life, but in the game, they’re the enemy. But be wise when attacking; generally, you need to be targeting those players with poorly defended Castles, or perhaps those who are not defended whatsoever. You ought to additionally attack players that are flush with resources, since once more, food as well as yellow are both vital. Search for the possibilities that is going to provide you with the largest gain as soon as every little thing has been said as well as done.

You ought to additionally be mindful that the players you attack might take attack and revenge you in retaliation. Maintaining this in mind, use the resources of yours completely after you have raided another player, since you may shed those materials when someone raids you. And also for the part of yours, be certain you have received some high level soldiers as well as Titans to protect the city of yours while you are out.

7. Why Should you Complete The Campaign?

We are happy you asked. While the Campaign might be very time consuming and take you rather a very long time to finish, you need to be chipping away at it anytime you can. The great thing concerning this’s that completing Campaign missions are able to provide you with a number of gems as a reward, and enable you to unlock some terrific material that could help the progress of yours, including, however, not limited to, new spells and new Titans. But since things are able to get hard in the Campaign (even in case you are facing AI enemies), you are able to do the primary method, update the army of yours, level the Titans of yours up, and go back to Campaign the moment you think you have got a much better possibility of finishing the mission you failed.

8. Capture Resource Islands

Precisely why is it very essential to shoot Resource Islands in Dawn of Titans? Simply look at the title of the islands and you will know exactly why. Resource Islands develop extra energy or any other helpful material for you and the betterment of the Castle of yours. Then when possible, go record several Resource Islands, and record the maximum amount of islands needed at any time. Moreover , make certain you are attempting to look after these islands from raids as soon as you have captured them. Start out with the gold as well as food producing islands, then start working on the other kinds. Moreover , update the islands of yours anytime you can, as that may both bolster defense and allow the Castle of yours to create much more of the good things.

9. Defend Both Islands And Castle Alike

The best part is the fact that all of the islands and the Castle of yours have a little default defenses. The negative news? They will not suffice? they are simply inventory, and also you understand how the deal usually is with regards to inventory defenses. Which implies you need to work in the direction of improving them with the addition of troops and Titans more for defensive uses. And in case you are likely to be absent out of the game for a prolonged period of time, you need to designate all readily available Titans to protective outposts. You are able to just eliminate them and also have them battle alongside you in battle the moment you begin playing again. The best Titan of yours must be the one protecting the Castle of yours, or even in a number of instances, any island which you covet much more so compared to others. Work the way of yours down in phrases of the Titan’s strength and also the value of every island. While generally there are a great deal of players that do not protect their Castles and islands just like they need to, it is crucial that you should not be like them. You want an excellent defense, particularly in case you will not be playing for some time.

10. Know The Enemy of yours And Know The Troops of yours

The center of the game is actually player vs. player fight. That is parcel and part of just about all video games of that genre, and you need to actually be scouting the enemy. Take a look at the troops you will be up against, as well as ensure you are checking for the troop type. Do not attack if you notice that the amount of the troops is a lot higher compared to yours. And in case you notice there is a Titan with the defenders, proceed with extreme caution. But do not merely scout the enemy of yours; have an excellent understanding of what you’ve at the disposal of yours. Understand your troops’ weaknesses and strengths, and maintain the elemental hierarchy under consideration. For instance, Archers are excellent in ranged combat, but are actually poor against Militia. Militia, as we pointed out, is actually strong against Archers, but have their very own weaknesses with regards to troop sorts.

11. You can Trust Auto Select

Generally, when speaking about auto features of these games, it is normally a terrible strategy to depend on them. But the auto select characteristic in this particular game seems to be wise enough. Reach the auto select button before heading off to fight, as well as the pc will make all of the dirty work for you. You are able to hold the automobile function on in case you are up against particularly sensitive opposition, and on occasion even those players that are somewhat weaker and on a comparable level to yours. But in case you are up against a difficult opponent, you are able to turn auto off and perform the choice yourself.
Car or perhaps no car, you really want to pay attention to the fight. Practice changing the instructions of yours on the fly as the fight rages on, and micromanage the troops of yours whenever you can, placing the Titan of yours in the heat of the fight as well as issuing directions to everybody as you go along.

12. Work with a Decoy Troop In Harder Battles

This’s an especially helpful idea for all harder battles in Dawn of Titans. Send off the troop with probably the highest well being, as well as have them act as a decoy, with the majority of your troops lying in wait. Simply wait until that decoy troop lures the enemy over, and distribute your various other troops almost as you can, moving them to the sides. This results in a very simple flank approach in which the troops of yours are able to sneak attack those of the enemy. Use the element of surprise and like the harm bonus which will come with pulling off this sneak attack.

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