Cupcake Mania Game – The Ultimate Tips, Strategy and Cheats Guide

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Cupcake Mania

Cupcake Mania is a brand new match three game for Android platforms and the iOS. The gameplay in this most strongly aligns with Farm Heroes Saga, as the goal of yours is collecting a certain amount of orders of cupcakes along with other tasty pastries, organized by color, also to do it regardless of all the obstacles which threaten to eliminate the progress of yours. Continue reading for some tricks and tips for Cupcake Mania!

1. Get More Gems By Collecting Keys

Whenever a brand new level is completed by you, you will generate a brand new element, though you will be also making yourself gems along with other additional bonuses when you are in a position to finish one entire group of keys. This is often accomplished by replaying earlier levels as well as accomplishing every single requirement. Apart from getting you far more keys, these kinds of an approach would likewise be pretty good in honing the strategy of yours for later amounts.

2. Use The Gems of yours In order to Replenish The Lives of yours

It is uncertain whether the time tested time lapse cheat is of assistance when replenishing lives on Cupcake Mania, but the moment you make use of up all the lives of yours, you will need to wait it out a little before they become instantly replenished. But in case you are unwilling to wait, you are able to constantly spend gems, but you will just choose to do this when you have used up all the lives of yours. Refills, after many, will cost exactly the same no matter the number of lives you need loaded up once again.

3. Comply With Every single Pastry You Have To Match Up

Each level includes a set of pastries which you’ve to take out from the board. When you incorporate these pastries in a fight, they will be eliminated from the order of yours, with your matches coming with a multiplier for adjacent pieces. Use this multiplier to finish the pieces, although take note you are able to just use multipliers once before they are taken out of the board. Never to worry, although, as you can constantly make brand new ones by completing a brand new match.

4. How In order to Activate Special Pastries or Pieces?

Preceding, we told you about the unique parts you are able to make in Cupcake Mania. The same as you’d in Candy Crush or any other similar games, you will have matching 4 or higher of the very same piece – a four piece match would lead to a Sugar Rush, for instance. Creating L-Pattern or t-pattern matches will enable you to get a Sprinkle Shock. Cupquake, on the contrary, would involve you to complement 5 parts in a row, and that is likely to clean all parts of the identical color as the 5 parts you matched earlier.

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