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Cube Zombie Game

Cube Zombie War Review

A zombie breakout is probably the most common ‘end of the world way’, people can think of. There are literally dozens of movies, TV series, games and theories about this. One of the latest additions in the zombie universe is Cube Zombie War, where all this brainless dudes were added in a Minecraft-like environment (so basically, the titles reflects accurately the game).

It wasn’t easy to come up with a list of things I like in particular about Cube Zombie War but I managed to do one. Don’t worry, I will be brief and I will point out the most interesting things. One of them is definitely the ‘character level-up’ that happens between waves. Because of this, you can plan strategies accordingly (or you can follow the tips and tricks above) and you can approach different tactics in different runs.

The only bad thing about this (which will be detailed later) is the lack of items. In addition to this, I like that in the near future, you will have pet companions that will help you in your adventures. Another thing I like is the character variation because you can choose from a decent amount of characters to play with (there is still room for improvement here as well) and also you will see a lot of different zombies which usually doesn’t happen in games like Cube Zombie War. One other thing that it is worth mentioning about the game is that the ads are not immersive and that they will not disrupt the gameplay.

It may not seem much but if you think about it, you will realize that 90% of the free games will overflow the screen with ads and fortunately in Cube Zombie War that is not the case.

Here comes the part where I say what I simply don’t like about Cube Zombie War or what I would change if given the possibility. First of all, I am a pretty disappointed about the lack of a story in-game. Even though I wouldn’t be impressed by a zombie cliché, I still feel the need to know that I ‘fight’ for something – saving the city, saving my family or anything like that. It can be lousy but it makes the game more entertaining and that is what matter the most. I don’t want much, just a little background story for my characters.

Secondly, another thing I am disappointed of, is the lack of items (especially guns) in Cube Zombie War. At the moment, you can choose from five weapons from which only two are viable and one of them is the default one. With that being said, you can’t properly experiment stuff and create strategies or synergies. In addition to this, some additional equipment such as traps or pipe bombs should be great and would help with the overall item variety, the game needs. Finally, one other thing I don’t like about Cube Zombie War is the fact that there aren’t any other game modes or at least, a multiplayer implementation.

Besides the endless survival game, there isn’t anything to do so you will eventually get bored. Being able to train in a special area or playing with friends should help in the ‘addictiveness department’ a lot.

Overall, Cube Zombie War is a game I would probably not recommend. Unless you are a Minecraft enthusiast and you also like zombies. Because if that is the case, the chance for you to like the game is pretty high because that is basically what the title is about.


Artwork: Cube Zombie War gets a rating of 6 out of 10 for its artwork. The Minecraft graphics are present in this title as well and I am beginning to think that people start to value the game content more than the graphics which is a great thing but not on handheld devices. The artwork is cute and all that but it doesn’t suit a smartphone or a tablet. The character design is interesting because there is a lot of variety and the environment is exactly how it is supposed to be – post-apocalyptic. Also, the animation effects are almost non-existent and they look rather bad.

Music & SFX: I give the game a rating of 8 out of 10 for its music and sound effects. Probably ‘the department’ where Cube Zombie War shines the most, has been a personal surprise. The soundtrack is pretty limited but the music is really good – loud catchy songs that matches the theme perfectly. When you are fighting for your survival, something to get that adrenaline pumping is required and the game delivers. The sound effects are also decent but they don’t have the same impact that the soundtrack has. However, it is still good that they are present because I’ve seen games where the developers ‘forgot’ to use SFX.

Story/Originality:  Cube Zombie War gets a rating of 6 out of 10 for its story and originality. As I mentioned before, a mash-up of Minecraft and any zombie-survival game is cute but that doesn’t mean that it is considered authentic. The game currently lacks original elements and that’s a bad thing because it shows potential. Also, there isn’t any story whatsoever so from this point of view, I can’t rate Cube Zombie War. At the moment, this title can’t score high at this section because of all the missing things.

General Gameplay: I give the game a rating of 7 out of 10 at this section. The gameplay is not that hard – you basically need to run and to kill stuff. However, I believe that a tutorial would be a great addition. The controls are fairly easy to understand and there aren’t any complicated mechanics so it is safe to say that the game can be played by almost anyone. Even though I’ve seen people complaining about software issues, for the time I’ve played, I haven’t encountered any major bugs, freezes or crashes.

Addictiveness: Cube Zombie War gets a rating of 6 out of 10 for its addictiveness. As you have probably already guessed, the addictiveness is one of the main issues of the game. The idea is not that bad, everybody likes zombies and the graphics of Minecraft but that is not good enough. The five achievements and the fact that you receive an hourly-reward is helping, that’s true, but yet again, there is still room for much more. The number of the characters can be increased, a multiplayer implementation should be mandatory and the number of items should be much bigger. Add a story on top of that and you got yourself a great game.

Overall, Cube Zombie War gets a rating of 6.6 out of 10. With the right changes and updates (the developers promised they will add new stuff soon), I still believe that the game has the potential to become pretty popular. Unfortunately, only time will tell if I was right or not.

Cheats & Tips for Cube Zombie War

  • Movement and aiming are independent from each other. You can move in one direction while you can aim in another. Keep this in mind while running from zombies.
  • You should always run to a corner and shoot zombies from there because you will be sure that you will not be cornered. Be cautious though, you don’t want to be overwhelmed by the horde.
  • When you move, keep an eye on the surroundings so you don’t reach a dead end. The world ‘dead’ will reflect on your character as well.
  • In order to see how many zombies are still left in a wave, you can follow the yellow bar which is under the HP Bar.
  • The companions and the utility items are great but they will only be available for just one run and some of them have cooldowns. Start to buy them when you get experienced with the game so you don’t waste money.
  • Starting with skilled stats may sound good on paper but they aren’t amazing during the early waves. However, if you are planning to go on a long run, invest in HP and Defense.
  • The above tip applies to the in-game leveling-up as well. First, you must make sure that you don’t immediately die and then you can worry about damage and critical chances.
  • You don’t have to play until you die. If you need to stop a run but you haven’t died yet, you can pause the game and continue from where you left of.

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