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Crossy Road

Crossy Road is created by Hipster Whale, how could you NOT want to play a game when the creators are Hipster Whales?! The game is currently running version 1.1.0 and requires your device to be running at least iOS version 7.0 or later. It is currently only available to play in English, but there isn’t much text in the game and the instructions are easy enough to understand without having to read, so non-speakers of English should be able to play this game fine. The game is currently available to download for free from the app store with the option to purchase further in app content. Crossy Road currently hold a five star rating on that app store so you can bet that the majority of reviews are full of praise for the game even if it is a very early version.

Within the game, if you really don’t want to save up your coins to get a surprise capsule from the capsule machine, you can go ahead and purchase the mascot of your choice from the mascot selection menu, each one cost ninety nine cents, however certain mascots are not available for purchase and must be earned through other means. Coins cannot be purchased either as of yet and can only be earned so far.

Crossy Road Hack for Coins – iOS

Coins in Crossy Road can be used to purchase new mascots and other items.  The only way to actually get coins in the game is by playing.  You can also pay to unlock individual mascots in Crossy Road or you can just use the hack tool to get an unlimited amount of coins!

The Crossy Road hack is currently available for iOS devices and will be available for Android as soon as the game is released on that platform.  The Crossy Road hack is free to download and has been tested and proven to work.  It’s very easy to use and allows you to add thousands of coins directly to your account.  After you download the Crossy Road hack onto your phone or tablet, you’ll see a menu like the one pictured below.

First of all, you need to select your device type.  Since Crossy Road is currently only available on iOS, that should be the one that you choose.  Tap “Connect Device” to link the hack tool to your Crossy Road account.  Once your account is connected, type in the amount of coins you want to add.  You can also check the boxes to unlock all of the characters and get rid of the in-game advertisements.

After you’ve entered all of the information, tap the “Start Hack” button to begin the hack.  The entire process usually only takes about 20 seconds.  You can check the status of the hack by viewing the progress bar at the bottom of your screen.  The Crossy Road hack will let you know when it’s complete.  Now just open the Crossy Road app to view if the coins have been added to your account.  You’re now free to play Crossy Road with an unlimited amount of coins and all of the mascots unlocked!

Crossy Road Hack, Tips & Cheats

If you’re one of those gamers that only like to play for a few minutes at a time, do yourself a favor and enable notifications in this game so that you know when a new gift of coins is ready for you to collect, at first this will be every few minutes, but as you claim more coin gifts, the time which you must wait for the next one.

The stages in the game itself start of very easy, but prepare yourself for increasing difficulty as you get further into the game, make sure you practice your timing so you don’t accidently end up slamming into oncoming traffic. One great way to get a little further ahead is tapping really fast as soon as you see an opening, you end up travelling further than you would have if you had gone ahead and proceeded cautiously, but bear in mind that the further you end up going, the more cars and trains there will be making your road crossing very difficult.

To avoid getting killed by the plane (which is definitely one of the most frustrating and annoying ways to die) jump fast, or if you see it coming, swipe out of the way so you don’t get hit, if you’re in the street, try to jump rather than scooting to the side, otherwise you risk getting hit by something else so your effort is for nothing.

You only get points for tapping to move forwards, swiping to the side gets you nothing, so if you don’t need to swipe, avoid it since it’s a waste of your already precious time.

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Crossy Road Review

I found this game to be incredibly addicting and even after each equally frustrating death, I would end up playing another run, just to try and beat my high score. If I did manage to beat my score, I would feel a huge surge of triumph like I had achieved something great. I also love that as you travel across the roads, you can see which of your game center friends you have overtaken and gotten a better score than. I think Crossy Road’s art really help contribute towards its popularity, it takes on a very retro, pixelated appearance that can only send you on a nostalgia trip. There are also a lot of characters for you to choose from once you’ve unlocked them, with a range of ordinary, cute animals to hilarious mad wizards, it really has something for everyone to enjoy. Each character is pretty much the same, but most of them have funny little quirks, like the wizard will throw a fireball at a nearby tree, the zombie loses his head when hit and the celebrity that literally bursts into cash when she gets hit.

What really irritates me about this game is sometimes when you’ve just managed to save another hundred coins for the surprise capsule machine, a mascot that you’ve already collected ends up popping out. I really feel like only capsules that you haven’t already collected should come out as it’s really frustrating to find that you’ve just gotten the fourth Frankenstein in a row after pushing yourself to get those last few coins only to end up getting crushed by a giant truck. It makes me mad and I just end up feeling like I’ve wasted time that I could have been wasting on another non-productive, slightly less irritating game. I also really hate that if you want a specific animal that you have to pay a dollar for it, it would make a whole lot more sense if there were animal packs which contain like five or more animals that only end up costing you like two bucks, but instead you end up having to spend fifty bucks on all of the mascots if you really don’t want to do it the hard way.

Despite all this, I still can’t force myself to stop playing the game; it’s just that fun, no matter how much I end up wanting to fling my iPad at the wall. Since it is currently running a fairly early version, I imagine that there is yet to be so much more to be added to make the game even better, I for one am looking forward to future updates.

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