Cooking Fever Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

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Cooking Fever

It is time to travel the planet as well as cook up every dish you are able to consider in Cooking Fever! Making Fever is an addicting time management game which additionally tests the reflexes of yours and just how healthy you do under stress. Do not lose the cool of yours however, as we are here to make it easier to keep the ideal restaurant perhaps with the Cooking Fever of ours cheats, tips as well as tricks strategy guide!

Prepared to prepare? Let us get going with our Cooking Fever manual to establishing the supreme restaurant!

1. Usually have your food geared up and completely ready for use!

You do not truly have to concern yourself with the drinks for this while they refill by themselves, but for the particular meal products you need to constantly have them prepared and completely ready for use. To start with you’ll just have one slot for a hamburger and the hot dogs of yours, therefore you need to constantly attempt to have one sitting out. Do not care about allowing them get chilly, as there’s no penalty for leaving a well prepared food product out.

2. Buy the time reduction advances first!

The improvement which bring down preparation/cooking times are actually the people you would like to purchase for starters, like the Cola Dispenser, the Burger Fry Pan as well as the Hot Dog Grilling pan. These decrease the quantity of time you have to hold out for the cola to pour and / or for the foods to prepare, that will be an enormous aid whenever you become swamped with individuals later on.

3. Leave cash on the table to slow things down!

We found a neat little trick: when there is some moment in which you feel as if there are way too many clients coming in and also you cannot prepare food that is enough to continue with them, do not gather the cash a buyer leaves behind when you serve them. When cash is left on the counter, new clients cannot take up that room. Use this time to provide yourself some breathing space and make a batch of food for the following wave!

4. Buy several inside decorations to keep the customers of yours satisfied!

Apart from kitchen area upgrades, you are able to additionally purchase inside upgrades which provide you passive incentives to a number of factors.

  • Additional clients. This has an effect on the number of clients you will see in the day.
  • Buyer waiting period. This has an effect on just how long the customers of yours are ready to wait before the restaurant is left by them.
  • Tip amount. This raises the tip level your clients provide you with.
  • Tip time increased. This raises the window of serving time in which a buyer is actually prepared to tip you.

As you are able to see, the inside enhancements are rather helpful. We recommend maxing out the time reduction kitchen upgrades very first and foremost, as indicated previously, then moving onto upgrading your restaurant ‘s interior.

5. Level up to get gems!

You are going to obtain gems effortlessly as you advance thru the game, as you’re rewarded with approximately 1 5 gems each time you level up. Do not care about spending money that is real to get them, simply keep on playing the game!

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