Choices: Stories You Play Guide, Tips and Trick

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Choices Stories You Play Game

Choices: Stories You Play is actually a brand new active story game by Pixelberry Studios, manufacturers of High School Story and Hollywood U. This particular game includes numerous novels of crime genres, fantasy, and the romance, in which you play as one of the characters and could make choices about what to point out and what you should do, which in turn impact the story. Continue reading for some suggestions as well as tricks for Choices!: Stories You Play!

When you begin a certain story, the game will instantly go back again to that story whenever that you begin it up. In the event that you would like to shift to a completely different story, hit the home button and also you are going to exit out of the story which you’re in. You’ll still keep the place of yours in the story, you’ll simply be in a position to go on and read additional ones too.

You are able to read through them in any order which you would like, also, in case you would like to begin a part 2 in front of a part one. They may not make that much sense, though you are able to really read stories out of order by going to the menu and opening a story, and reading it, so long as possibly it does not cost diamonds, or maybe it does and you’ve diamonds to pay for this.

1. How In order to Switch Stories

When starting up some one of the 3 stories, the game is going to take you back again to that story when you open it on the device of yours. Though you’ve the choice to shift to the next story in case you want, merely by hitting the home button. That can exit the story you are in the past on, though the great thing here’s that you will not drop whatever improvement you’d made thus far. You are able to go back to that story whenever you want, starting back in which you left off.

Additionally, you are able to read through the stories in any order – it does not need to be story one, now story 2, then story 3, or maybe part one, now part 2, etc. It may not seem just like probably the most seamless as well as intuitive way to enjoy the game, though the game does enable players to read out of order, so long as a particular part doesn’t cost diamonds, that are the premium currency of the game.

2. You Require Keys In order to Read Chapters

In the event that you would like to read a chapter in any story, you are going to need to invest one key. And when your keys go under 2, which will kick off a timer, and also you will not be in a position to get another key for 3 hours. Today that is a quite long wait, we would point out, and also you are able to hold out for the secrets to immediately replenish or even make the most of the reward system, which does provide you with keys as one of the freebies.

3. How In order to Get More Diamonds

As we pointed out previously, diamonds are actually the game’s premium currency, and also you are able to generate much more of them when you finish a chapter. Which implies you need to go through as well as play as frequently as you possibly can so you are able to get a lot more free diamonds. Diamonds, being premium, are the same utilized to unlock premium content, therefore you will wish to stock up on them as well as, if necessary, do the other books and read them.

4. Replaying Chapters Isn’t An Option

Unlike the average game of yours, the choice to grind by replaying isn’t obtainable in Choices: Stories You Play. The thing you are able to do rather than replaying certain chapters is restarting a story out of square one. In the event you opt to accomplish this, just hit the restart button, which is like a circle shaped button with an arrow inside. That can enable you to begin from the really start, although we do not understand why you will wish to do that. You will not be in a position to have additional diamonds for finishing a chapter for a second time, and this just would mean that the choice to grind isn’t obtainable in virtually any way, shape, and type.

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