Brave Frontier Hack, Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Gold, Gems & Energy

Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is one of the old classic RPG games where you can summon different beasts and other mythical creatures to defeat the God Maxwell. There are over 200 different beasts you can assemble and they all have various elemental weaknesses and strengths. If you are not familiar with that then you should know that the elements used in the game are Fire, Light, Dark, Thunder, Water, and Earth. Each creature has their own style of battle and they all use different attacks, so you have to form different squads so that each character plays off the weaknesses and strengths of one another. There is story mode, arena mode and you have daily dungeons you have to do as well, which all help you build various skills, experience points, and strength as you progress throughout the game. You will need to use various status ailments during the game to help you counter attacks of enemies, but they can also be used by the enemy to attack you, which is why knowing your elements is so important.

Brave Frontier Hack for Gold, Gems, Energy, & Arena Energy

Like many RPG games, resources are the key to success in Brave Frontier.  If you want to get ahead in Brave Frontier, you’re going to need gems, gold, and energy.  The only problem is that it takes time or money to gather these resources and neither of these options is very fun.  Spending endless amounts on gem packs is no one’s idea of a good time.

We’ve recently added a hack tool for Brave Frontier that allows players to add unlimited gold, gems, energy, and arena energy directly to their Brave Frontier account.  The hack is available for both Android and iOS devices and has been tested to work.  You can download the hack here at AGC for free.

Once you download the Brave Frontier hack on your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to add these resources to your account.  It’s easy to use the hack by selecting from the options menu.  You’ll see a menu screen like the one pictured here when you install the hack.

After you’ve downloaded and installed the Brave Frontier hack tool, you can begin entering the information to run the hack.  Be sure your Brave Frontier app is closed during this hack.  First select the type of device you are using to play Brave Frontier – either iOS or Android.  Now you can type in the amounts of gold, gems, energy, and arena energy you want to add.

When you’ve filled out all of the information, just tap the “Start” button to begin the hack.  It usually takes about 20-30 seconds for the hack to complete.  Once it’s finished, exit out of the hack tool and open your Brave Frontier app.  Continue playing Brave Frontier as you normally would, but with unlimited resources!

Status Ailments Guide

When you think of status ailments it’s important to know that these are elements that can both negatively impact your enemy as well as yourself, and can impact the entire unit of you or your enemy. Poison, Weakness, Sickness, Injury, Curse, and Paralysis are all status ailments that you might have to deal with in this game at some point. If you get hit with paralysis then you might not be able to attack for anywhere from 1 to 3 turns. Weakness means that the defense of the unit is cut in half and sickness means that your recovery period will take twice as long. You will also have to deal with the curse which is when you can’t use the Brave Burst. When you get hit with any of these ailments you need to use certain potions in order to get your abilities back to normal. Holy Water is what is used to remove a curse, stimulants are used to remove paralysis, tonic helps you recover from injury, sickness and weakness, and antidote helps get rid of the poison.

What is an Arena?

In Brave Frontier, you might have heard about the arena, and this just is simply the place you can go to do battle with other players. You can get to the arena by clicking “Arena” in the main menu of the game. Each player who enters the arena gets 3 orbs, but as soon as you enter you lose an orb, so it’s almost like the orb is how you pay to get into the arena. You don’t lose the 3 orbs forever, because they regenerate themselves and within an hour you should have almost all of your orbs back. Playing in the arena is really fun and entertaining because you can fight a variety of monsters and see how well your monster is compared to other characters in the game. If you win in the arena you get what’s known as ABP, Arena Battle Points, and if you beat a character with a higher ABP than you, then you will get more points. One thing you need to keep in mind though is that if you fight someone with a lower ABP and you lose, then your overall ABP score drops, because you lost a fight you should have won. It’s something in the game worth checking out because you’re almost dueling with various creatures in the game and you can earn points or lose points for doing so depending upon your choices on a fighting partner.

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