Bouncy Smash Game Guide: fourteen Tips, Tricks and cheats for Dominating All Game Modes

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Bouncy Smash

Prepared for many limitless, informal fun, in addition to a few other game modes that can earn you a few neat prizes? You might want to take a look at Identity Visuals’ brand new iOS game, Bouncy Smash, which, as we love to point out, follows the outdated naming convention for casual activities made popular by Flappy Bird – unconventional adjective ending with a y for the very first term, and one syllable next word. Though this game, as you will find out, has a great deal more depth. You’ll be playing the job of Arlo, a bouncing bluish ball who is out to protect the planet from the evil Duplicants, that are bouncing purple (or maybe purple, and gold) balls that will just be doomed whether you come from atop and also bounce on top of them. As stated before, there is Arcade mode, which provides endless fun and a wide selection of accomplishments and weekly and daily challenges that set up the ante and enable you to earn brand new outfits, skins, & abilities, along with various other things.

This’s an addictive arcade game with roguelike tendencies, though it definitely is heavy adequate to need an extensive and long manual which shows you the the inner workings of things. So strap back, and also continue reading as we present for you our Bouncy Smash best guide, wherever we let you know all you have to learn for succeeding in this particular game’s 3 modes, while collecting much more of those outfits and skins.

1. The fundamentals Of Bouncy Smash

On the bottom left, you have received your directional buttons (left and right), as well as almost everywhere else on the display screen, almost all you have to accomplish is taping to be able to go. That is how simple it’s to control Arlo, the character of yours in Bouncy Smash.

The extremely next thing the game is going to tell you if you go on the first run of yours is that it is about combos. The concept here’s which you need to bounce the character of yours atop the Duplicants (those various other bouncing balls which are not yours) to have them away, and also stay air-borne as you bring away an additional, along with an additional, and another, until your the floor is hit by character, or maybe a platform, and will lose a little wellness. Stringing together combos is an excellent approach in order to rack up the areas (the points of yours get multiplied by the quantity of opponents you has taken away in the combo), but as you will learn in no time, it’ll frequently have a rear seat to survival, or even to achieving particular objectives specified in the levels, that are not actually amounts in the truest sense of the term, but sets of achievements which you have to finish to be able to start working on the subsequent set. It is not too frequently that games with a combination mechanic will not constantly need you to string together combos in an effort for getting ahead, but this kind of will be the situation in Bouncy Smash.

It seems super easy – bounce in addition to enemy Duplicants to do away with them, avoid obstacles like glowing platforms and buzzsaws. However the Duplicants will not be considered enemies in case they do not do anything to the character of yours. If perhaps you bounce the character of yours and hit them from the bottom part, that should remove one product of wellness. Similarly, in case you reach a glancing blow from the edge, or even when among the Duplicants does exactly the same for you, that is additionally likely to set you back a single product. You’ve 4 devices of wellness in the game ahead of the run of yours in Arcade mode finishes, and when you do, you will have the possibility of continuing your run, or perhaps settling with game over and whatever score you have tallied. We will talk about a bit of extra in a little, but first, we need to start working on several other tricks and tips, since we are completed with the fundamentals.

2. Levels Do not Have To Be Finished in One Go

As we’d determined earlier mentioned, Bouncy Smash’s concept of amounts is not really what you might be utilized to. We usually bring to mind degrees as phases in a game which increased trouble as we go along. But in this particular game, amounts are batches of 3 specific objectives which you have to achieve to be able to move on to the subsequent level. Although you may, in the beginning, be putting a lot of pressure on yourself by attempting to finish the levels instantly, you do not need to. In reality, you are able to finish a quality of many play throughs – for instance, if one requirement is perfect for you to attain a particular combination score, you are able to commit one run to stringing together the longest, top scoring tool attainable. If the following goal is collecting 10 coins, the subsequent run could be devoted totally to coin collecting; there is no need to kill all of the enemies in a wave to move on to the subsequent. Plus in case the final goal of yours is reaching a particular rating for the whole game, you are able to concentrate on which in your final run (or maybe quarter, or perhaps 5th run – it does not matter the number of runs it requires you), this time attempting to remove all of the enemies in a trend, especially in the very first. As you get an enormous bonus for killing all of the Duplicants in any wave, which could enable you to run up the score of yours to whatever is necessary.

3. The real difference Between Outfits And Skins

Skins and outfits, to put it just, are much like one another in Bouncy Smash, however, they’re ultimately distinct. You will wish to gather as a lot of them as you can in the game, but just before we get into the methods that you are able to unlock them & enhance them, we need to distinguish the 2 phrases. First, you will find fifty outfits which you are able to presently gather – you start out without any outfit at many, but the moment you have earned your first hundred coins, you are able to commence rolling for them. They do not replace the color of the character of yours, as they just put in a set of glasses (for the Nerd outfit), an eyepatch (for Patchy), a crown (for The Highness) of his, etc, so forth.

Meanwhile, you will find twenty five collectible skins in the game, beginning with the default Bouncy. Skins completely replace the appearance of the character of yours, giving him an alternative color scheme, for instance, red and white for Heart, black and red for Bold Night, green and yellow for Cheese, etc. Some skins may be unlocked when you complete a certain level, although many of them have to be purchased for a buck each, or the equivalent of its in local currency.

To be able to change your skin or outfit, you will have to head to the shop, now tap on the Outfits or maybe Skins button to select the one you would love to equip.

4. Collect Coins In order to Buy New Outfits or Skins

Check those pulsating gold dots while in the Arcade operates and in the opposite game modes? Those’re coins, which you are able to gather by bouncing upon them in any course. When you get to hundred coins, you will have the ability to obtain- Positive Many Meanings – brand new garments for the character of yours, that you’ll be unlocking at random, gacha machine style.

You are able to additionally win brand new skins or outfits, after finishing specific milestone amounts, but for probably the most part, you will be purchasing brand new garments with the coins of yours, as they are the only things you are able to get with this in game currency anyway. But do not mistake them for being there simply for the appearance – you might think they are just there to separate the monotony when you get tired of the default outfit of yours or maybe skin, but later or sooner, the choice of yours of skin/outfit might matter.

5. You May use The Diamonds of yours In order to Upgrade The Outfits of yours / Skins

While the skins as well as outfits might seem to be a cosmetic only contact in the beginning, they are able to have an effect on gameplay, provided you’ve them enhanced with diamonds, and they are the premium currency of the game. Diamonds will be received in the Weekly Waves game mode, that we shall be talking about a bit of later on, even though you simply win a single stone for completing the game mode, that is really all that you have to do an improvement. When upgraded, you are able to take advantage of particular consequences in the game. For example, stepping up The Highness of his is going to allow you to incorporate 3 seconds to the destruction Bubble, while upgrading the Seafarer outfit will perform the very same thing. To upgrade the Nerd outfit, that we pointed out previously, is going to give you twice the coins for every coin you collect in the game. With which in mind, you might want to think of the play style of yours before selecting a skin/outfit you would like to complement in the game, more importantly, and, picking out the people you want to update for a diamond each.

6. Know The Skills of yours

You will not be alone when going through the runs of yours in Bouncy Smash, no matter the game setting you are playing at any time. You’ve a total of 4 skills which you are able to use some time of the game, provided that the cool down timer is not loading up. The eco-friendly- Positive Many Meanings- ability (swipe right) is the Health Pack of yours, giving you a wellness increase in addition to the 4 devices of living the character of yours normally has. The purple ability (swipe down) is Ground Smash, which just enhances the destruction you deal out against enemies. The magenta ability (swipe up) is Gravity Well, that allows you to remain airborne for longer, and also achieve better heights. Finally, moreover above all, as you’ll probably be utilizing this most frequently, the azure ability (swipe left) will be the Shield, which enables you to become invincible for a span of twenty five seconds; obstacles or even hitting a Duplicant from under and from the edge won’t damage the character of yours, along with being this causes you to impervious to damage, you’ll likely be enticed to make use of this ability more frequently than the others.

7. You are able to Just use A Skill For A lot of Times

Regrettably, the abilities in Bouncy Smash are similar to consumable power-ups, as they are able to just be used as long as you’ve sufficient units of each. Given, the game is going to start you out there with 8 of each, which ought to be very adequate in the beginning, but while these abilities might allow it to be easier for you to ace a degree, you can also easily exhaust them in case you depend on them too frequently. You are able to often get brand new abilities immediately, although the tradeoff here could be real life cash. Though the great thing is there is a method to replenish these abilities at no cost, that we shall be discussing following.

8. Collect The Gifts of yours For More Skills

Every 3 hours or perhaps so, Bouncy Smash will reward you with a totally free gift – within this particular gift box are a handful of coins (usually aproximatelly twenty to thirty), along with a number of skill tokens. Even though the coins, because you must understand, enable you to purchase brand new outfits, it is the tokens you need to be concentrating on when opening the gift boxes. We recognized the tokens rewarded are typically the purple and blue ones, thus in case you make use of the Shield ability a great deal, you will wish to have your notifications switched on, which means you are able to redeem your no cost gift as frequently as you possibly can while you are now awake and also have your phone switched on too.

There is yet another means that you can obtain much more skill tokens that you are able to utilize in any game mode, although we will receive to which later.

9. What Complete Purple Coins Do?

The purple coins you notice flashing in Arcade as well as the various other game modes represent valuable, onetime boosts that you are able to activate for a brand new trend of enemies, but just for that trend particularly. These could vary from Common to Rare, and also can include coin boosts, an ability to go higher, an extended Damage Bubble, along with a lot better consequences that you are able to definitely use as you make an effort to attain a better score and ensure it is by even more waves of enemies. Don’t forget to select well, must you be fortunate to gather among the purple tokens; you need to make your decision according to what you are presently attempting to achieve, like level completion, or perhaps making it by even more waves of Duplicants in the Weekly Waves game mode. For instance, you will wish to choose a rating benefit in case you are attempting to finish a degree where one of many advancements is reaching a score of, we need to say, 15,000 points; in case you find the boost which boosts the score of yours by 5,000, then go because of it. Merely one particular disclaimer, although – in case you are attempting to finish an accomplishment dependent on coin collection, and also pick out an increase that provides you ten coins immediately in the beginning of a brand new trend, all those ten extra coins won’t be counted towards the coin totals you require to be able to finish the achievement and move ahead in the amount!

10. How you can Contend with Platforms Along with other Obstacles

Platforms could be a genuine pain in the butt. In many activities, they are able to really assist you, by enabling you to end as well as gather all the thoughts of yours, while keeping you at a safe distance from virtually any adversaries. Not in Bouncy Smash. According to the experience of ours and so much, platforms happen to be more damage than great for us, as they’re really moving platforms. Landing on these platforms might break the combo of yours, and may also stop you from removing a Duplicant in some instances. Plus, there are platforms that glow; these’re a must to stay away from, as they’ll instantly take out one life product from the bar of yours! We are unsure if these’re claimed to be scorching platforms, or maybe radiant blade platforms, but in any situation, they’re to become stayed away from a lot more so than the standard platforms while in the enemy waves which ask them to.

In the event it involves the buzzsaws, these appear at random on the floor, thus in case you are presently in a trend that is included with these nasty little clients, it goes without saying that you need to attempt to remain airborne so long as you can.

11. Ways In order to Handle Darkness

Darkness could well be the hardest challenge you are able to encounter throughout enemy waves in Arcade, and when playing the Weekly Waves mode. Not merely will be the record pitch black; the Duplicants will even seem to be blacked out, and also in case you are not laser focused entirely on the bounce of the character of yours, it can be simple to mistake him for an adversary. This will make playing in darkness really depressing, and a surefire method to set you back a wellness device or 2. But in case you’ve adequate azure power-up abilities along with you, next you are able to activate the Shield of yours, and that places the character of yours in a harm bubble and turns him invincible, just like we’d previously stated. The Shield might are available in handy during any occasion that you’ve to cope with darkness, might it be a phase in Weekly Waves, or even only an additional trend of opponents you are experiencing in Arcade mode.

12. Suggestions For Succeeding In Weekly Waves

Arcade will be the default, endless mode which you’ll probably be playing the majority of the time. But Weekly Waves may be worth a shot, even in case it might be frustratingly hard as than Arcade! The aim in Weekly Waves, as we have seen thus far, is surviving 5 waves of enemies, but unlike in Arcade, which starts you out there with a trend of twelve Duplicants in an easy, simple setting (i.e. no obstacles, absolutely no os’s, not one other problems to cope with, besides the enemies themselves), the very first wave in Weekly Waves includes twenty enemies, and can endure more compared to the regular first wave of yours. Even worse, today’s Weekly Waves challenge is going to start you out there with Darkness. Indeed, which seems as a great deal of problems to win 1 measly diamond, & we are just discussing the very first wave here.

To be able to effectively complete Weekly Waves, we’ve a handful of ideas which we are able to provide to, at the really least, make things somewhat simpler. To begin with, we’d suggest making use of your Shield skill in the beginning, then use it once more in the fourth or third wave. The health Pack may also be helpful in between, though you will have to get a minimum of 2 or maybe 3 Shields prepared along with you prior to going on the Weekly Waves. Naturally, you will have to be more cautious you do not bump into the edge of a Duplicant, or maybe hit one from the bottom part going up; clearly, making use of the Shield in Darkness might help you stay away from this possibility.

As the name of theirs indicates, Weekly Waves refresh when a week, with a brand new range of issues for every wave of enemies, but with similar one diamond incentive for finishing all the waves. Sadly, there do not seem to be some consolation prizes for finishing under five; we really hope this changes in the long term, but for today, it is almost all or maybe nothing in case you are chasing after which one diamond to update your skin or outfit!

13. Just how Does Daily Danger Work?

Day Danger may be the final game mode in Bouncy Smash, and in here, you’re provided brand new challenges daily, with a gift package helping as a reward – just like we said, this’s the next way that you are able to obtain- Positive Many Meanings – gift containers packed with coins as well as skill tokens. For instance, the game could give you forty five seconds to take out fifteen enemies. Once again, that seems simple, until you learn exactly what the limitations are. For this specific every day, almost all you’ve is but one product of health; hit a Duplicant the incorrect path as well as it is game over, same in case you are available in touch with among the radiant platforms, and get caught by the buzzsaws. That is going to demand you to stay in the environment as long as you potentially could, and perhaps even use the Shield of yours, particularly in case you are getting near the target. We’d suggest activating the Shield power up, in this instance, when you are beyond the fifty % mark. The 25 second consequence of the Shield will not be used up prior to time limit does, so everything you’ve to accomplish is focusing on chasing after the Duplicants and taking them out there.

14. A number of Skins May be Upgraded By Reaching A specific Level

Last, although not the least, we need to retturn briefly to the subject of skins. A number of these skins are able to be upgraded by having to pay diamonds, and these generally apply to the skins which you are able to purchase for a buck each. However when it involves the people you unlock by completing levels, you will generally have to attain a brand new event degree to be able to obtain- Positive Many Meanings – an auto upgrade. Simply to provide you with a concept of just how long this may take, let’s take a look at the illustration of the default Bouncy epidermis – you will have to complete level forty five so that the default skin of yours gets upgraded instantly, this means completing a whopping 135 various achievements! Nevertheless, there is no rush in doing this, and also you are able to still play the game at the own pace of yours to be able to make it happen.

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