Angry Birds Transformers Game – Guides, tips and Strategy to Unlock All Transformers

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Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers will be the newest in a number of “crossover” titles from Rovio which place the game’s titular Angry Birds in functions influenced by movies that are popular, e.g. Star Wars. This time around, although, the Angry Birds are Transformers, Autobots to be precise, with the piggies playing the job of the evil Decepticons. While gameplay continues to be, essentially, much like traditional Angry Birds as we all know as well as like it, you will find sufficient brand new twists to keep longtime fans of the sequence captivated as well as amazed, and with that having been said, below are 7 Angry Birds Transformers cheats, strategies and tips you will wish to keep in mind when attempting to finish or uncover far more degrees in the game.

It is everything about the appropriate targeting

The same as in a typical Angry Birds game, focusing on probably the weakest link on the system is exactly what you must do. Look at the structures you are experiencing as well as hit the location which will result in the best damage: typically, the glass tiles are the very best option, but in case they’re badly positioned as well as taking them down would not take down the whole structure, it may be wisest to choose the cork ones. TNT crates aren’t any brainers, so constantly aim for them if you notice them (and occasionally look for signs that they’re hidden – typically behind big, square cup bits).

Know almost everything about the Transformers of yours

They have various approaches and stats on the game: Optimus in fast, for instance, but vulnerable when shooting. Although it recharges more slowly, Soundwave has a far more impressive shot. All transformers have various stats and you need to know them before beginning a mission to be able to use the advantages of theirs to the maximum.

Constantly upgrade Transformers

It is really hard to know which Transformer upgrading (because they might be necessary for a missions), though the golden rule is usually to upgrade all of them in the order you are getting them. While you are enhanced, you still need the others readily available for missions, therefore it does not actually matter that much which you are stuck. Search on the chart, in case you’ve much more missions readily available and find out what Transformers have to engage in them, then begin upgrading the Transformer that is not necessary (or maybe the person that is getting a “Hard” trouble on a mission to be able to overcome it).

Goal priority

I understand it is incredibly stunning to blow off of the TNT containers in the experience as well as bag on the coins, but pigs which shoot at you must be your primary priority: the flying people, for instance, may just be captured straight, therefore you must look after them initially. Next concentrate on bringing down various other pigs which could result in you harm and just in the conclusion look after the pigs which simply stand there and do nothing.

Want a lot more coins Shoot all!

The greater number of damage you cause, the more coins you are going to get in Angry Birds Transformers. From floating toys to buildings in the background, every aspect that may be shot as well as destroyed provides additional coins. A extra is produced by the Golden Boxes which provide a lot more coins compared to standard targets.

Work with the doublers of yours smartly!

You are able to often view a video clip to increase your mission ‘s rewards. I know you’re enticed to go for this once it is available, but do not hurry things as you won’t have the ability to do this each time you play. Rather, wait to obtain an incredibly great objective with a good incentive, both in terminology of coins and pigs and just then download the mission doubler. Much more bang for the time of yours is gotten by you!

Work with the partners of yours smartly!

It appears you’ve to be sensible on numerous occasions when enjoying the game. Such will be the situation of summoning a partner, that may truly assist you all through a mission in case you take them in at the best time. And a proper time is going to be that moment whenever the screen is swamped with structures and enemies that you cannot take out by itself. Bring the good friend in and the transformer of theirs can make an excellent entrance damaging (or totally destroying) all pigs and structures around. Additionally, they are going to stick around for some time, assisting you to shoot things done. The bigger the amount of the friend’s Transformer, the much better for you!

Take a look at the health prior to a mission

A factor that a lot of players typically overlook before beginning a mission is their Transformer’s health. It’s shown right after you tap the icon to launch a mission, above the Play button. In case your Transformer’s overall health isn’t complete, you may wish to wait it out to enjoy an obvious shot at winning the missions.

A lot more coins in Angry Birds Transformers

Occasionally, you’ll just require a lot of additional coins in the game and I discovered a better way of getting there a little faster: fail a mission. In case you forget, all of the pigs you’ve collected is reset to zero, though you are going to get to hold all of the coins and you’ll be permitted to replay similar mission (so it does not disappear love along with other missions). The drawback here’s you cannot replay it instantly since your Transformer’s health is depleted as well as recharging costs a lot more than you’re getting, though you are able to delay and get additional coins too the next time you play. It is a waiting game anyways and any extra you are able to get is fairly helpful!

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